Universal AlwaysOnline 6.1

A free and better alternative to NeverDownProxy. Keep your server running while mojang is offline.

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    AlwaysOnline - A free alternative to NeverDownProxy

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  2. Teg


    Great timing xD
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  3. So, it simply uses the previous IP? No IP storage for persistence if the proxy has to be rebooted?
  4. It stores the ip in the account directory via multiple files at the moment, indexed by name.

    EDIT: Recent release now allows mysql storage.
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  5. jeff142


    Looks cool but flat file is vary bad... why not mysql?
  6. Good idea, I'll add it in the next release!
  7. One of the biggest caveats to NeverDownProxy were false positives and authentication errors, I hope this plugin has been tested extensively!
  8. It has, I'm running it right now on my server and all seems good. :)
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  9. jeff142


    This is why this plugin has s many poblems :(

    Id compare xpaw and Mojang then have a setting for detection

    low = Mojang and xpaw show down
    Mid = mojang show down
    high = xpaw shows down

    This way others can set how they want it detected
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  10. Thank you! This will be extremly useful!
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  11. I'll add that feature as well, using three modes. Configurable in the next release.
    1. Checking http://status.mojang.com/check?service=session.minecraft.net
    2. Pinging the actual session server
    3. Using xpaw
  12. jeff142


  13. This won't really be effective for a small fraction of people, my IP is changing constantly. Sometimes once a week to every day.

    Maybe if their IP doesn't match, go through another check with a pass code they entered previousy?
  14. MYSQL support and this will be great. :)
  15. It will automatically update their IP when they login authenticated with mojang.
  16. Bukkit support?
  17. This is only a bungeecord plugin at this time, I'm not sure how to make this plugin work with Bukkit/Spigot.
  18. Does this replace the UUID so that it isn't a offline uuid?
  19. Yes? If your server is in offline mode it'll use the offline UUID. If your server is in online mode it'll use the premium UUID.
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