Universal AlwaysOnline 6.1.4

Keep your server running while mojang is offline, Supports all server versions!

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    AlwaysOnline - Updated to 1.13 Keep your server running while mojang is offline

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  2. nice, do you plan to update this to 1.14? when that update is more stable or maybe even sooner than that, but mainly at some point(I hope soon)
  3. Sure thing will do, isn't my plugin was just updating cause someone requested 1.13 so can do the same for 1.14 :)
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  4. nice, much respect to you for that :) I'll look forward to seeing an update then so I can dab the download button :p
  5. Actually I'm not seeing any problems with 1.14?
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  6. oh, it just works? I probably should've tested before posting, my bad, good job in that case, I'll dl and install it now
    EDIT: minescape looks interesting
  7. Should join the discord to follow progress ;)

    Ah its fine, probably should've tested myself before and put it in the supported versions
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  8. I will join the discord, always looking for fun servers to play when I'm not in the mood for any of my own game modes
  9. hey, what's the chances you can fix compatability issues with bungeeperms? when the two are installed ao constantly thinks mojang servers are offline, removing bungeeperms fixes it but it's really inconvenient
  10. If possible, xpaw-status should probably be removed altogether or replaced with another alternative, since that site has been shut down.

    Here is an alternative: https://minecraft-techworld.com/status
    #10 iCaitlyn, Apr 21, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2020
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  11. [AlwaysOnline]: Denied DarkNight88 from logging in cause their ip [x.x.x.x] does not match their last ip!
    Are someone way for fix that problem?
  12. Their IP address is most likely dynamic, which tends to be the case for some players in Europe.

    Interestingly enough, you can actually still login to servers even though the session server is apparently down, so for now, just use "/alwaysonline disable" then "/alwaysonline toggle" for now to disable it from going into offline mode, since the API being used seems to be returning an incorrect result for the session server. It has been constantly red since the past day or so, and before that has been fluctuating wildly.

    (MultiMC apparently also checks with the same place as AlwaysOnline does, and it is showing the session servers as being down. The alternative site above does not show the session servers as being down, however)
  13. Before of all, thanks so much by your answer :)
    I will wait someone days or a weak more or less for use again the plugin for that the problem be fixed, if not i will do the command, thanks of true <3
  14. How to install on bungee (do I install it on just bungee or all servers?) and does it support cracked servers with premium support like JPremium plugin?
  15. Hello,

    I have a problem with AlwaysOnline and Luckperms/Bungeecord.

    When a player connects luckperms sends this error:
    [LuckPerms]: 'ConCon_' has previously used the unique ids [4529fcb1-7e2d-43e5-a8bb-32257d6b35e2] but is now connecting with 'e4371be3-32e1-3f7b-a198-218dfe51a7a8'

    Code (Text):
    [16:14:25] [Netty Worker IO Thread #4/INFO] [AlwaysOnline]: Skipping session login for player ConCon_ [Connected ip: xxx.xxx.xxx.55, Last ip: xxx.xxx.xxx.55]!
    [16:14:25] [LuckPerms Pool Thread #0/WARN] [LuckPerms]: LuckPerms already has data for player 'ConCon_' - but this data is stored under a different UUID.
    [16:14:25] [LuckPerms Pool Thread #0/WARN] [LuckPerms]: 'ConCon_' has previously used the unique ids [4529fcb1-7e2d-43e5-a8bb-32257d6b35e2] but is now connecting with 'e4371be3-32e1-3f7b-a198-218dfe51a7a8'
    [16:14:25] [LuckPerms Pool Thread #0/WARN] [LuckPerms]: The UUID the player is connecting with now is NOT Mojang-assigned (type 3). This implies that THIS server is not authenticating correctly, but one (or more) of the other servers/proxies in the network are.
    [16:14:25] [LuckPerms Pool Thread #0/WARN] [LuckPerms]: If you're using BungeeCord/Velocity, please ensure that IP-Forwarding is setup correctly on all of your backend servers!
    [16:14:25] [LuckPerms Pool Thread #0/WARN] [LuckPerms]: See here for more info: https://github.com/lucko/LuckPerms/wiki/Network-Installation#pre-setup
    [16:14:25] [Netty Worker IO Thread #4/INFO] [AlwaysOnline]: ConCon_ successfully logged in while mojang servers were offline!
    [16:14:25] [Netty Worker IO Thread #4/WARN] [LuckPerms]: User 4529fcb1-7e2d-43e5-a8bb-32257d6b35e2 - ConCon_ doesn't have data pre-loaded, they have never been processed during pre-login in this session.
    [16:14:25] [GernlernenCORE Pool Thread #1/INFO]: [C0R3] [INFO] No stats cached...
    [16:14:25] [Netty Worker IO Thread #4/WARN] [LuckPerms]: A permission check was made for player ConCon_ - 4529fcb1-7e2d-43e5-a8bb-32257d6b35e2, but LuckPerms does not have any permissions data loaded for them. Perhaps their UUID has been altered since login?

    I checked the playerData.txt file. It stores the correct data:

    Can you help me out with this issue?
    Im using paperspigot 1.15.2 and waterfall. I installed the plugin only on the proxy.

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  16. Does this work with Velocity proxy?
  17. could you add support for non-standard minecraft names? so to not trigger mojang auth check for them. like -test, *test, etc. they're used for example by GeyserMC
  18. The concept of this plugin is really nice.
    2 issues:
    - LuckPerms on bungee keeps nagging with a message. It clearly sees the offline uuid instead of the cached one
    - Viaversion (on bungee) is bypassed. So the mc version must match otherwise you can't join.
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