Am I doing something wrong?

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  1. So I've been an owner for roughly 7-8 months. Climbed the ladder and spend roughly 12-16h a day on it to make it a better place. About 1000 players (956 to be precise) have visited the server since then. I've probably spent 800$ on Premium plugins in order to make it even more original. We have developed ways of organizing tasks much more efficiently to lose less time as well. We even come out with about 2-3 new things for the server each day. However as time flew by, many have came and gone. Most of them leaving because of the lack of players.

    We've been advertising through social medias almost everyday. Voting plugins all being set and even Discord rewards for getting other players to join the Network using perma links.

    My question for you today fine ladies and gentlemen: Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    I seem to have missed the big picture or something? So many servers around us are less elaborate yet have more players. Especially cracked Minecraft servers.

    Minecraft Server Information

    1. How many servers do you run? 16
    2. What type of servers do you run? (4 main servers, rest are mini-games)
      Build Contest
      Call of duty zombies
      Battle Royale
      Clash of Clans
    3. On average, how many players do each of your servers have per day? [5-20]
    4. Where are most of your players located? [North America / Europe / etc.]
    Example: Community Information
    1. Do you run a website? Yes
    2. Do you run a voice server? Discord
  2. I think this is partly a mistake. You shouldn't have this many servers/gamemodes if you have anywhere below 100+ players.
    I personally would only stick to 1 gamemode unless you've actually hit a point where there's demand for more servers/gamemodes.

    Because having a complex and advanced server setup doesn't necessarily positively contribute to the gaming experience your players will have. I think it's doing more bad than good in your case because new players might get confused or wouldn't know where to begin considering you have almost just as many gamemodes as you have players.
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  3. Getting players is tough, dont' give players whatever they want on join. Let them work for it, so they work for it and spend time.. No use joining and getting crate keys and diamond outfits and loads of money and then assume they dont get bored 5 minutes later.
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  4. The issue with having everything custom is that you will have a hard time finding the correct players who might find it appealing to them