Am I ready for 250 players?

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  1. Hey guys,
    Currently, I own Flame Network which peaks at around 75-100 on a good weekend, and 40-50 on weekdays. I was looking into buying some advertising on .org the next time around, thing is; am I ready to handle 250 players? Also, how much could I expect to grow from the slot? My servers are optimized and should be able to handle a decent amount.

    Node #1 - i7-6700k with 16GB of DDR4 ram
    • Bending

    Node #2 - Xeon E3-1230v3 with 24GB of DDR3 ram
    • Proxy
    • RPG
    • Skyblock
    • Towny (Soon to be merged with bending as bending already has towny).
    Thank you SpigotMC community!
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  2. How much ram on the second server?
  3. 24GB, forgot to include that.
  4. That's a lot crammed onto that 2nd box, I'd move your least intensive gamemode from that 2nd box to your i7, and possibly upgrade that i7 to 24-32gb
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  5. I am pretty sure you would be able to handle over 300 players with a 24 GB server.. Its all about the server settings and how many plugins.. Plugins doesnt really matter since every plugin can be configured to not make the server lag.. I have a fair bit of experience about minecraft servers since I am also a plugin dev and have worked with java for a good amount of time. If you need any kind of help you can feel free to PM me and I will try to help you. Also a good way to check if you can handle more players would be to check the timings on the server and see if the server has any lag issues. This can be done by doing "/timings on" and when you have had that enabled for a few hours/days do "/timings paste" and see the results. (You need to be running spigot or bungeecord for timings)
  6. I'd move everything except the proxy off of #2 and onto #1, and getting 16GB more ram for #1. If the servers are optimized then you won't have a problem with this setup.
  7. Well, you need to also consider your cpus.They could get overloaded. It's not only about the ram. In my opinion, you should keep only 2 of the most intensive game modes and the proxy on the second node. So your first node would have 2 servers and the second node would have 2 servers and the proxy. I recommend the proxy on the second one because of the ram and that cpu is server grade which performs better on heavy loads such as the players and the intensive game modes.
  8. Bending is quite intensive.
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  9. Yeah, I have it capped at 100 players and optimized. After about 75 players, it starts having some lag spikes.