Am I really cut-out for running a public server?

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  1. This post is partly self-therapy and partly seeking advice.I know many know me already here but...

    I'm 42 years old, live in the UK, and recently diagnosed with autism after many, many years of struggle. I play a lot of Minecraft, although less than I used to, and have experimented with setting up my first public MC server using various plugins both on Java and (with addons) Bedrock. I am a good builder and specialise in city building, but the social experience of Minecraft including out-game socialising (i.e., contacting potential players), left me overwhelmed and mentally drained, and so my venture into running a successful server did not materalise. I ended up closing the server (I haven't posted in a long while) because it was all too much for me, and other things where frustrating as well me such as lack of players in general, lack of anyone replying to my advertisements, and my lack of knowledge and skills (creative and logical) to create a server that is unique. In retrospect I could have done with a team of people helping me right from the start, but I knew my problem with social interaction would hold me back.

    Additionally, although I had no trouble financing it with £12 per month on a hosted plan with a free website, the advice I was given with regards to finances did shock me with several people maintaining that I should be prepared to spend anywhere between £500 and £1000 initially for a good server, whilst others were adamant that this was extreme and that £30 to £60 per month is more common in terms of running costs, but that I will be paying out of my own pocket to make up any shortfalls in player donations. I knew running a server was not a viable business adventure, but I took umbrage to funding it to the tune of hundreds for what essentially might be a server with almost no players on it and then me getting exhausted in the process.

    So to recap: At this moment I have a major problem with MC: that I enjoy the idea of running a server and love building stuff and playing MC in general (admittedly I am not a fan of mini-games), but that I get exhausted very easily and cannot socialise very well with people wether on MC or in real life. This, you might think, makes me an unlikely candidate to be owning a server, but no-one in my experience who has given me support and advice has ever mentioned this matter, and admittedly I have never considered it either.

    So in light of all this I have two directions to consider:

    1. To create a public server again but this time whereby I allow myself to work within the parameters of my autism and autistic symptoms (and other players who join have also been diagnosed).


    2. Resign myself to never owning and running a server because my autism doesn't allow for it and the socialising thing is too big a barrier.

    Obviously, I will be encouraged to take the first option since I find most people to be positive-minded. But I also find people to be realistic and the second option will be advised as well.

    How would a public server open only to autistic people (people diagnosed with autism) actually work? Should I just draw a line instead and play solo?

    Thanks for reading this long-winded post.
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    Hey Lord Varko! Your name seems familiar to me, I remember you had a server with a staff message board is that correct?

    The server Autcraft might you of interest to you, in my understanding it is a server entirely made for people with Autism. The servers owner is @autismfather on twitter.
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  3. Long,long ago that. I think that was my test-run server. I got rid of it and took a different direction. I am aware of Autcraft but don't like the jigsaw insignia, which a lot of austistic people distrust.
  4. Hey Lord_Varko, I'm sure if you've looked into Autcraft, you'd see that it's so much more to it than just a logo.

    I am 43 years old myself and was diagnosed with Asperger's when I was 36. I have no friends, had no money or extra time, and yet I decided to start up a Minecraft server because I saw parents on social media complaining that their autistic children were being bullied on public servers.

    I doubted myself too. I had no education to back me up, no prior server experience and as I said, no time or money, but I had a desire to help these kids play a game safely. That's it. That was all I wanted out of it. So I built up a pretty crappy spawn area, made a post on Facebook about it and the rest, as they say, is history.

    The only real thing that set Autcraft apart from the rest was that I monitored it closely. I watched for fights, bullying and trolls but I also watched for the good stuff too. Many parents, siblings, and even the autistic players themselves proved to be very kind, friendly, and helpful, so I'd recruit from within. The only people to get ranks on the server are players that have proven themselves over time.

    What I'm trying to say is, you have the right idea. Don't get too discouraged. I doubted whether or not I was cut out for running a server too. But it was needed. So I took a chance and then figured out the rest as I went.

    I started Autcraft over 6.5 years ago and it now has over 11,000 players on the whitelist.

    If I can do it, so can you.
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  5. That's amazing having all those players. I didn't think it would be possible, and thank you for your encouraging words. :)
  6. Well, I am not an expert on Autism, but based on your posts I don't think you'll have problems running a Minecraft server. Making and maintaining a server is tiring and frustrating for all, don't worry.

    If you have questions on configurations, worlds, builds, plugins, etc. we are here to help. I wish you success.
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  7. Don't let anything stop you from doing something you enjoy, you'll get it as long as you enjoy what you're doing. The main thing that sets aside all of these other servers is the fact that they don't have you. You sound like a great person and you'll be awesome, we all have things we need to work on. :) Keep it up!
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  8. Very frustrating and overwhelming. :( I just didn't have the skills or know-how to make a server that stood out and was customised, and found configurating plugins to be complicated. I spent days reading up about each plugin but found it very challenging to get help and information.
  9. This comes with experience. Even if you have autism, believe in yourself. It doesn't hurt trying. You'll go flat on your face the first time, maybe also the second time. Exeprience comes most effectively through failure. Don't be afraid to fail, since failing means learning. None us pros here got to where we want to be without years of struggle and trying.

    The difference between a master and a novice is that the master has failed more times than the novice has tried.
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  10. I can't agree harder. I have been trying to launch a server for 8 years. Eventually, you start learning from what you did wrong, you start understanding plugins, you start liking seeing a bunch of words in a config. It's not easy, but if you like it enough you'll continue to do it.
  11. I applaud you for sticking it out that long. How did you cope financially?
  12. I also have autism and have had no issue creating and running servers with many very complicated and major plugins. I create custom maps, models, mobs, skills etc for my servers. Admittedly my servers are USUALLY short lived, but thats a personal flaw where i cant stick to anything i do for very long. As for server costs, the most expensive part of running servers in my opinion, has always been plugins, server costs per month are fine with the right host, but i find myself purchasing premium plugins to get a very specific experience for my players, that free plugins cant provide.
  13. I don't want to bore you with my financial life, it's very messy. I managed to have the ability to pay 4 USD a month in TheMinecraftHosting for 2GB of RAM. That's the cheapest best host I could find.
  14. This is a normal part of server ownership! If that happens my advice is to step back for a bit and evaluate what's making you tired, and then you can try to find a way to counter that (like setting a limit for the time you manage the server per day).
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  15. With hard work, anything is possible! I'm personally starting up a server right now. It IS a headache, and I've done this semi-successfully once before. Money invested does help speed things along, particularly if you're able to hire good staff who know what they're talking about. In the end, the main thing is just to enjoy it. It's your creation. The only way to fail at it is to give up (or go bankrupt I suppose!) Small investments, then reinvest any money you make until you see a profit!

    Best of luck
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  16. I wouldn't worry about the social interaction part getting in the way. You can talk for as long or as short as you'd personally like - no one will hold it against you that you're not speaking enough if that's your worry. I know plenty of server owners who straight up ignore the chat and no one bats an eye!

    However, this time I'd do more planning. Like you said, you could've done with people at the start so I'd start gathering a few people you'd like to have on your team and get this thing started!
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  17. Thanks for replying. What is Infoheads?
  18. Oh, that's just a plugin I've uploaded onto spigot. That's my "signature" as spigot calls it.
  19. I can see that but what does it do?
  20. It essentially allows you to assign commands / messages to be executed upon right click of a block.

    You can click the image to see the plugin page and read more in-depth if you'd like