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  1. AMD EPYC 7282 for 40-100 PLAYER BASE SERVER. Mostly 50 player with Bungeecord.
    Is it good cpu for 40-100 players server ?
    Ram 30 gb 3200 have ssd's (VPS)
  2. What provider is it from and how many vCores does it have? The EPYC 7282 has an average single-thread benchmark.
  3. Provider: Contabo, 8 vcores
  4. Ironically enough server cpu's are not that great for minecraft servers, desktop grade is the best. Any vps/host with I9-9900K, I9-10900K, I9-11900K, 5900X, 5950X processors should be really good. Even more budget options like the I7-6700k or i7-7700k are both better than the EPYC 7282.
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  5. Yes that processor will be okay for Minecraft servers; however, Contabo isn't really a good host to consider for hosting it. One DDOS attempt on your server and Contabo and usually will null route your IP.
  6. Are you sure about that. Few days ago my friend got vps on contabo (windows vps- fivem server). They DDoSed like everyday. As my friend experience their DDoS protection is pretty good.
    Im just curious dat vps is can run 40-100 players with bungeecord.
  7. Yea i know that. im just askin 50-100 player base server can run on their vps. about 5 servers, each on them 10 players online.
    Their ram is 3200, with ssd's so i tought it will go pretty well on my opinion.
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