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  1. Hey guys

    I was wondering if AMD processors are any good. I was wondering if any of you guys had experience with it in a desktop PC and or server PC. AMD processors to have really high clock speeds for cheaper prices like the FX 8350. It has 8 cores at 4ghz which can be easily overclocked with a cooler to 4.6 even to 4.8 with the H80 (I've done my research ;)).



    P.S Don't say Intel is better if you haven't researched or never used an AMD processor
    P.P.S Mind my grammar :p
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    Clock speed isn't everything, Intel CPUs are almost always superior to amd. Intel's desktop flagship the 4770k can easy reach 4.5'GHz and will kill anything else on the market.
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  3. I belive you can't really measure the clock speed on CPU's between different brands as they are not made the same way and even if they have the same clock speed they will perform different. Also between models like in intel there's difference between the performance in different processors even if they have the same clock speed. If you go to I think it will show what's best.
  4. It depends on what you use it for. As far as I know Intel CPU's are significantly better then AMD for gaming. With the 8 cores of the AMD F-X 8350 you can multi-task much better then Intel. I have read some reviews and most of them say AMD is better for mult-tasking.

    Looking at
    The i7 4770k has a benchmark of 10209.
    The AMD F-X 8350 has a benchmark of 9138.
    The i7 is $125 more though.
    Then again they are only benchmarks.
  5. Assuming this is correct, I would choose Intel because Minecraft/Java isn't great at the whole multi-tasking(threading?) thing?

    AMD can give better performance/$ I have heard, but doesn't reach the same high performance of Intel.
  6. This is a late reply to this thread but I would like to say AMD isnt all that bad. My A8 512MB graphics best my both of my friend's Intel i5's. Although im not sure what their graphics are.
  7. If I'm right AMD is just better for multitasking and editing videos, because the high amount of cores.
    Intel is better for gaming because the speed on "one" core is highter than AMD
  8. You also have to keep in mind that the Haswell series of Intel doesn't use much power. But you shouldn't really care about this in a desktop.
  9. The new AMD 9000's series use 220 watts or something. 3 times higher than the Haswells. A lot of people might care about the power because of the extra cost of electricity. where I live 220 watts costs $30 a month and 80 watts costs around $12 a month. That is a lot of extra costs if you have a server/computer at home but it has a crazy base clock of 4.7ghz.
  10. Clock is not everything, get over that fact clock is just a nice little stat, is the architecture that counts the most.
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  11. AMD seem to offer a lot more bang for buck in CPU Mark benchmarks (though this is obviously a specific example and everyday use does not reflect benchmark results). Also ignore the top 10 or so, they are priced very low - look from where the FX series start, then compare to where the first i7 or i5 is.

    For Minecraft I think they are not ideal though, they seem to do better with many-cores vs. higher clock.
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  13. amd uses a lot more power then intel.
  14. Isn't AMD the one with the ARM chips? They have an insane market share with that, I think that's what's keeping the company alive the most.
  15. The thing with AMD though is that if your playing a game that really only uses one core (aka minecraft) It wont be as good because of the low power of each core. It might have a lot of cores but the cores dont have that good of power.