AMD Ryzen 7 1700X

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  1. AMD Ryzen 7 1700X its good for a Survival Server?
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    Yes, you could actually run 8 servers without issues on that CPU
  3. How much players that servers can support?
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    That depends on how you set your server up. You could get 800+ on that CPU, but not a single server.
  5. Care to provide sources/benchmarks or anything to back this up?
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    No offense, I'm answering his questions, not doing his research. But if you want to check you can see that CPU actually out performs a 6700K.
    Personally I would limit 50 to 60 users per server to keep performance optimal. Which would be 300 to 480 players, but it can hold more.
  7. I don't think there is any proof. 800 players would need a good amount of ram.
  8. RAM is irrelevant. 100 players can be run on 1GB.
    I respect general expertise in these sorts of discussions but I personally wouldn't consider such a thing unless I had evidence to back it up.
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    64 GB not counting plugins is more than enough
  10. Okay but, how much i can get on a single server?
  11. if you optimize it right 300+

    I've run 250-300 players off of a shitty xeon 1245v2 so id imagine that the amd cpu could handle a bit more than that

    thats on a single server btw
  12. Number of players depend on view distance, plugins, how far spread out players are, entity limits, mob farms..
  13. You can give a example of optimization?
  14. Don't talk about AMD @md_5 will have an aneurysm
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  16. I use to love amd chip sets because of their price but when it comes to other games get intel its the smart choice.
  17. The dankest sub on eddit.
  18. I'm pretty sure that i'm going to get one. Just waiting for pricedrops.
  19. Der Server ist idk, die von Haswell oder Skylake sind super.
    Aber mit einem kleinen DDOS bist du weg, die Protection n├╝tzt nichts bei Hetzner

    The server is idk, that of Haswell or Skylake are super. But with a little DDOS you are gone, the protection is no good at Hetzner
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    Ryzen 9 on the horizon now too. :O

    Yeah my Xeon x5450 overclocked pushed to around 400-500 before it really got unbearable. And that CPU was released 2004, EOL 2007. But it was dedicated to pretty much almost nothing but the server.