American dedicated servers with OVH.

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  1. Howdy,

    I've noticed a lot of larger servers use OVH and are hosted in America. However, when I go to order, I only get the following locations to order from:


    How would I go about ordering a server from America with OVH? Is this even possible?

    Also, If anyone has any other recommendations for dedicated servers, I'm gladly open to suggestions. Need 32gb's of ram.

    Also, I would have used OVH's forum however I dont seem to be able to create an account on there.

  2. America as in North America? There are no such thing as OVH servers hosted in the USA.

    EDIT: Just kidding. There are.
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  3. Oh alright, do you have any recommendations of dedi's in na?

  4. If you want to host Minecraft you should not worry, Minecraft is a game which does not really depend on Ping that much, of course with 300ms it will get harder to play but everything below 150 is completely fine in my opinion, to Canada you probably have 50-80ms which is not much.

    We have a good amount of American customers and I never received any complaint about a too high ping or connectivity issues although we colocate in Germany.
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    For the US servers, go to the OVH .us site.
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  6. I see what you mean, however when it comes to player v player, the 100+ ping difference between eu and na will make a huge difference.

    I appreciate your input, and will probably just go with a eu server.
  7. It honestly depends on your playerbase, if your playerbase is mainly from US, go for a US West server. EU players would be having an acceptable latency.
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  8. Why Europe? If you worry that much about ping Canada is fine, I get 98ms to an OVH server in Canada and I'm in Germany.
    A Europe server is still fine but Canada is slightly better, except you don't want to go with OVH at all.

    America to Germany is between 80 - 160ms, depending on east or west.

    Everything below 50ms is practically the same, 50-120 is average and above is probably slightly noticeable while playing PvP, if you have a survival server even 250ms are fine.

    It also depends on how you get routed, if you have 25 hops or 5 hops, so make sure you choose a datacenter with good peerings and a good connectivity.
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  9. Get OVH in Canada then. Their servers are housed just outside of Montreal. I get a 20 msec ping from New Jersey to there.

    OVH has their own backbones from Montreal to New Jersey, Virginia, and Chicago, so traffic doesn't need to go on the Internet itself. They also have their own backbone from New Jersey to London. See The Montreal data center is in the upper center-right, labeled "bhs".

    If that's no good, there are lots of places to get dedicated servers in the US. Popular locations include NY/NJ, Virginia, Miami, and Dallas. Reliablesite is one company that has been mentioned.
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  10. Ahem, just going to repeat this

    OVH has US servers
  11. MiniDigger


    the two datacenters OVH operates in the US are still rather new. "In the US, OVH has an East Coast facility in Vint Hill, Virginia and a West Coast facility in Hillsboro, Oregon."
    you currently can only rent servers there via their discovery programm, just like it was for the australia DC. Its kinda like a beta, to test the infrastructure and software and all that stuff.

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