among us plugin when?

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yes or no

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. I know someone is making an among us plugin and I just wanted to say that would be cool to see.
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  2. God if there was 40 hours in the day I would, so busy with classes.

    I believe at least one plugin already exists, though I am not entirely sure where to download it, or if it's even public at all, since I only saw some larger twitch streamers do it a few weeks ago.
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  3. Link me when it releases :D
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  4. 40 hours :ROFLMAO:
  5. Optic_Fusion1

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    There was this but it's deleted now.
    If i could actually run minecraft I'd do it
  6. lol, amongus IS advanced murder mystery...
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  7. This'd be pretty cool to see. Maybe I'll hit up one of my friends to make it ;)
  8. I have been making an Among Us plugin during two weeks, now I'm posting free plugins and trying to post here in spigot to be able to upload it as premium.

    If you want to help me, react this post to know if you are interested xD
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  9. This seems interesting as a mini game.
  10. I’ve thought about it before, and I could definitely do it. If i wasn’t so busy with my classes and other projects... I’m in the same boat as the first response :(
  11. Looks good, PM me if you need a tester or a video ;)
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  12. I wanted to make an update. Plugin is currently awaiting for approval.

    It's not an awesome plugin, it's the first plugin I'm selling but works.
  13. An among us plugin would be awesome!
  14. What is "among us"?
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  15. can u send me a pm when plugin is published
  16. ^ Yeah, it was deleted. Maybe due to copyright infringement?

    Something @Nazer needs to consider if he's recreating an another game (in minecraft) and selling it for money? We're not allowed to give legal advise on spigot, but you don't need to be laywer to see that sounds sketechy.
  17. Then what are the hunger games? Fall Guys plugins? Themed maps selling in shematics store sites? I don't understand the problem because I'm copying the idea of a mobile free game in another videogame.

    If I'm doing something not allowed, please that some mod/admin tell me and I'll stop. If I can't sell it then I will forget about the plugin and keep programming in other projects.
  18. I'm not entirely sure about the exact rules but I would suggest not using the Among Us name in the plugin. The game mode itself isn't original to Among Us, plenty of other games exist with a similar concept. As long as you change the name, add some twists to make it more original, and more catered to Minecraft servers I don't see the problem. If you named it Among Us plugin it might seem like you're trying to profit off their brand.
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  19. I saw someone making among us in skript on reddit, but it's probably not public