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  1. Hey Guys,
    i just started to code Among us in Minecraft since last night so i just got the tasks and the management of them.
    Video of the tasks:

    Video of Sabotage and Vent:

    Updates: (Tasks, Cam, AdminDesk etc.)


    I have 2 questions now:
    Do you know other tasks i could do in minecraft and how should they be.
    What do you think of the style of the tasks (not that you have to click on the chests)

    Ps. i will make this plugin a free resource when its finished

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  2. Everything is cool!
    If I were you, I would add, for example, unblocking the pipeline in the reactor or cleaning the oxygen filter in O2.
    To unlock the pipeline, you can use a chest with 10 empty cells on top and 10 cells filled with glass panels on the bottom. In this case, each glass panel must have a number, as in the game. The player will take them from the bottom and place them on top in order.
    To clean the oxygen filters, you can use an inventory with various garbage and one free slot where the player will place this garbage.
  3. Thx.
    And yea i just wanted to add those two because they are pretty simple to add to minecraft. Maybe also the rocket task.
  4. There is another suggestion...
    There's a task with artifacts on the "Polus" map. Four items need to be placed in specially designated places for them. It is also quite easy to implement in minecraft.
  5. Thx will be added and also the temperature.
    One question atm when an imposter vents all other players gets the glow effect on them (just for the imposter who vented) so he can see where the other players are do you think this is a good idea or would u do it a bit different?
  6. The style looks awesome. Keep it up ! You have my support ;)
  7. Love it, instead of chests lights? that light up once the task are complete.
  8. Oh yeah, that's a good idea. But you need to think it over so that only the impostor can see the glow, otherwise the rest of the players will understand that someone has climbed into the vent.
  9. Yea just done that with packets i will prob release a video later where you can see more
  10. Thank you ^^
    Good idea i will add that to the config when i do the config. Thx. ^^
  11. Video of Sabotage and Vent is online (in the Video the Redstone are not lightend but this is fixed now) you will also not see the NameTag from the imposter if he is in the vent.
    And my question is now how should i do the Reactor Meltdown Sabotage because i cant see if the player is holding something in the inventory.
  12. What about a pressure plate they need to stand on.

    Another question, any Idea when an alfa version of this might be available? Do you have a discord for the project at the moment?
  13. Alpha version will be ready in the next days and Discord is a good idea tho.
    And idk about the pressure plate maybe to easy?
  14. Or maybe just if both of them have opened inventory gui for certain time?

    I would make them click on some item in gui and check if other guy clicked also. And after e.g 5s they would need to click again if the other guy didnt click on item. Also they should have the gui opened for the whole time otherwise it wouldnt count as both guys clicked I hope you get it
  15. I just did it with the pressure plates now should work hopefully
  16. Look nice, still coding that,im curious to see final result! Good Job :)
  17. Thx i will just upload now a new video with updates ^^
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  18. Changelog (look third Video):
    - Cams and Admindesk (maybe give me feedback because i dont know how to do this in minecraft)
    - Arrows to the Tasks (look at scoreboard)
    - Scoreboard generell (Sabotage, tasks etc.)
    - Vitals (not shown in video)
    I would be happy if you give me feedback thx.

    Also discord link:
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  19. It's looking great! I was just wondering how you would implement the venting mechanic?
  20. Nvm my bad. I just saw it.