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  1. Thought this would be the best option but let me now if you have something else to add
  2. I had an idea of putting a button on the trapdoor and then having the plugin automatically replace the button since it breaks when the trapdoor is opened. I also wanted to see if instead of having the player go into tunnels underground they would go invisible and be teleported up into the air frozen in place so that you can see the area you are traveling to in the game. But that's just the way I would do it so you do you. :)
  3. Keep grinding hard I don’t there is a public Among us plugin?
  4. There are a few paid plugins but i dont like them and many got rejected here because of the name Among Us. And there is one free plugin here i think but i dont like it aswell
  5. If everything goes normal i will upload the first Beta of the Plugin tomorrow^^
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  6. Yeah sorry had some issues yesterday but i think this evening (europe time) i will upload a beta
  7. I have a beta now but will upload it tomorrow (styling etc.)
    Note that i could just test it with 2 players so just test it if there are bugs post them and i will fix them.
  8. upload_2020-12-15_22-42-49.png

    I am assuming it has to do with the name being a copyright issue
  9. Nó rất hay và thực sự hữu ích đối với tôi
  10. What? ....


    No... just, no.
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  11. Yea my bad sorry
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  12. Btw I will start doing AmongUs with Arenas if this version is almost without bugs
  13. So far the mechanics don't look bad! I'm looking forward to the source code
  14. I believed the plugin was posted on a discord server. I just don't have a link to it and I am no longer part of it.