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Should I put this server idea into reality?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I have bought a server that can host about 30 players at a time without lagging and I was thinking of an idea for it. There haven't really been any servers that let you do what you want such as hacking, just survive. I am pretty sure these types of servers are called Anarchy servers. I think it would be interesting to start and "Anarchy" community where you can just do what you wan't no staff, no rules, and just build and help out other players. You could maybe have groups and wage war or record videos on it. I think the server might begin an interesting community of people that want to work together or fight or really just do whatever. Please let me know if a server like this would interest any of you. I also would like to say that I am still debating on if I should let hacking.
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  2. there are some of these already
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    Yeah, this idea exists. It's called Anarchy...
  4. What you could do is make a server where hacking is allowed. Like see who is the best hacker.
  5. Minetime did that, they were once the biggest server on but the owner took a lack of interest and the server started to fail.

  6. There is NoCheatPlus testing servers such as OdieGaming and which are full of hackers and developers testing their clients to see if it bypasses. I'm pretty sure they have a arena for pvp.
  7. you could start a faction server or HCF