An open letter to Mojang.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Affixes, Feb 25, 2016.

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  1. Affixes



    As some of you might be aware, Mojang has recently started enforcing their strict and overall ridiculous EULA policy. As part of this, emails of an official nature were sent out by Mojang's "brand enforcement" team, meant for larger server owners around our community.

    This is unacceptable and has a very large impact on many aspects of the Minecraft game and its community. Therefore, an open letter has been released, and I am calling on all of you for help and support to spread the word. The impact of this, as described in the open letter, is of an unforeseeable nature and now's the time to defend ourselves.

    This is not an advertisement for a brand, server or company. This is a legit community issue that needs to be addressed and resolved. I am therefore hoping for the same amount of support and understanding from Spigot's Staff team.

    The open letter may be found here:
    Please spread the word via a retweet:
    An additional petition can be found here:

    Thanks for your support.
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  2. Rbt


    I can agree with this. Your letter was a perfect representation of the people who dedicate their time towards the multiplayer community of Minecraft.
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  3. ewwww
  4. I just realize that Mojang should not be completely stupid. There should be more hidden reasons behind this. (Maybe they just want to sell more realms hahaha)
  5. Oh. My. God.

    I thought the community has gotten over this???
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  6. I honestly thought Microsoft would move the Minecraft EULA back on track after Mojang made some rash decisions on the whim of a whiny developer.

    I've lost a lot of respect for Microsoft today.
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  7. Noble Pro


    I doubt this has anything to do with Microsoft. They own the IP, but Mojang are still managed by their own.
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  8. You have a point, although Microsoft have likely introduced some of their own management policies to the company.
  9. Not to get anyone into a rage, but I feel differently about this than most. Servers have been abusing kid's gullibleness to get them to buy just about anything for years now. Really all Mojang is doing is having a way to stop these servers. It's unfortunate that it has to affect everyone, but they can't just say "we're shutting you down" to one server that abuses this and have others that do it the same way but not as aggressively be exempt. It's all or nothing if they want legal power over this. For example, a server sells really strong sword for 15 USD. To me that's crazy, but another does it for a dollar. While this is much more reasonable, it's difficult to say that the more responsible server isn't doing the same thing- just getting people to pay for things so they have an advantage, getting more people to pay for that item. Clash of clans-esque anyone?

    I don't totally agree with the EULA, but I understand the premise of it.
    (Just waiting for the hate tsunami now...)

    By the way, left Bukkit for these forums. Site was hacked and Curse (host) did a horrific job dealing with security afterword. An admin's account was compromised and they still haven't warned everyone months later.
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  10. Okay I'm probably going to get flamed for this but whatever.
    Firstly, the EULA was always there, just very lax and it took a few hundred people to bitch to Mojang about selling goods on servers for which Mojang have no responsibility for, so they decided to take action the way they could.
    Initially Notch stated "You can charge for hosting servers, but not for gameplay features." (24 June 2014) which was later changed to allow for selling of cosmetic features and server entry. As much as people refuse to see this, but we are playing THEIR game so they have rights over us.
    Usually there exist different account types in many services: personal and business. Business are permitted commercial use of the software, etc. Minecraft was established as a game and the creators never considered how much money would be flowing through it. I understand the costs associated with running a server (dedis, plugins, website, etc.) are expensive and people depend on donations but there comes a stage when it is abused. Not going to point any fingers but there are servers which spend longer making their market page than the actual server. At this stage it may be too late to try implement a business component into Minecraft, but they do what they can.

    But there is one ambiguity which I have not understood fully: they state that selling goods that provide an advantage on a server are illegal - but what constitutes this? On survival servers let's say, fly gives a huge advantage while on some other ones like minigame server hubs, it serves no real purpose but nor does it fit the "cosmetic" description. So it falls in a grey area. I doubt Mojang's legal department will visit every server and scrutinize the true meaning behind every good to see if it does provide an advantage; they'll just send a DMCA if they feel like it.
    This results in a different issue which is that some servers that are wrongly accused may either be too scared to assert their right to set goods, or will not have the necessary resources to battle which would cause communities in MC to die off.
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  11. I honestly agree with a decent portion of the EULA, but some of it is just outragous. They are literally giving us no room to work with whatsoever. Literally the only way to support a server now is by selling pets and trails and whatever else falls under the "cosmetic" category. They are considering 2 servers linked with bungee to be 1 server, meaning I can't even make an F2P server with a P2P server connected to it. As I said, I agree with taking out the P2W aspect of it, but this is madness. I love how Mojang can put themselves on the ivory pedestal of honor and fairness, but shit on the people who take their game alive.

    Whatever, I own a small server so it doesn't really matter, but I really hope some of the larger servers can band together. A think going on a strike is pretty cliche, but there are hundreds of thousands of players who only play minecraft for the "modded" servers. I always thought Hypixel was pretty tight with Mojang, and after seeing how they aren't following the EULA, I assumed we were all good to go. Apparently not though.
  12. Tux



    People selling multi-hundred dollar ranks that blatantly unbalance the game are at fault for this. Many bad apples ruined it for everyone.

    That being said, enforcement of the CUG/EULA has been rather lax until now, so people still kept providing P2W features. This should hopefully provide a way to fully enforce fair monetization on servers, but I still doubt it given how much time Mojang has had to sleep on this before finally taking substantial action.

    These restrictions do place limits, however. I'm expecting P2W servers to start dying now as those people are primarily in it for the money.

    Feel free to disagree with me. It's not your game anyway, it's Mojang's, and they get to set the terms.
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  13. You all agreed to the EULA at some point, then directly disobeyed it. And now that Mojang is enforcing it you're complaining? You're the ones who agreed to it, you should've done this in August of 2014.
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  14. GoldenOrange


    Very nice letter Affixes. Quick question, couldn't we just sell forum ranks that just give players free stuff on the server as well? They can't control what happens on the forum, it would almost be as if I'm giving my friend some free goodies on my server with no relation to money whatsoever. Hell, you can even make unrealistic forum milestones to get the same "free" perks as the people that pay.

    Mojang doesn't realize that we're going to find ways around this, whether it's something like I've stated above or not.
  15. GoldenOrange


    We never had a say or opinion in the EULA change. We voiced our opinions as loud as we could have. The reason this is cropping up again is because Mojang has began sending out emails to servers in violation of the EULA.
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  16. My feeling is the following:
    I think the initial threat was more to inspect who would heed the EULA, which was followed by all of the major servers but still left majority of large-small servers ignoring this and taking it as empty threats. Now the only way they can get people to listen is by setting examples on the obvious violators. I still doubt even Mojang want to get involved in hundreds of disputes as to whether certain markets sell things that give advantage on the server.
    Now going on to the reason I tagged your post: while I agree there will always be holes I feel that Mojang may leave them to permit actual servers that give a shit (pardon the language) about the community and who use the money to fuel the game even more through endorsements of their servers. If they really wanted to, they have the resources to get a proper EULA set up which will really limit and screw over server owners. They may just want to get rid of those nagging parents and kids who message to Mojang about a server selling unfair ranks or not getting what they paid for, even though Mojang has no actual power on the server.

    But this is all just me speculating.
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  17. Cool walkaround, reminded me about money laundering.
  18. Eula = true... bruh u agreed m9
  19. Cause your forced to do it? (Otherwise the server wouldn't start up...)
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  20. Wait, so what is the actual issue? Did they update the EULA again? If they didn't, you still see people getting donations so stop complaining about something that happened a year or two ago. Honestly, do you really think kid's servers should still be online after accepting the EULA? Let's be honest, you accepted it, whenever you accept something you should read it. Yeah, yeah, I know none of you read the TOS and neither do I. But they're there for you to read, but everyone takes the lazy way and just accepts it even though they have no clue what you're accepting. So in Mojang's defense, you did accept the EULA.
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