An open letter to Mojang.

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  1. Thanks, but I own a 100% EULA friendly server, also mentioned above. But I still refuse to stand on Mojang's side.
  2. MineCove


    As a parent, this is a reasonable but unrealistic thought process. When it comes down to it, if your child runs up to you and says "Can I buy this really cool thing on [such-and-such] device!!" you take their word for it that it'll make them happy. But what you and your child aren't told is that the triple digit package is available elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. Kids haven't established much of an understanding in the value in money, and heck it's not their credit card anyway!

    I set a $20/monthly limit for when my son wants to buy something on the App Store. He can purchase whichever game he'd like or feature in a game (after I make sure it's appropriate for children) for no more than his monthly limit. It's up to him to determine if it was worth going through his monthly allocation. This will likely increase as he gets older, and if he decides to purchase something >$(limit) he would need to pay the difference with his allowance that he has already earned.

    Responsible parents should have a basic understanding what their child is purchasing (ex. games), but should not be expected to understand the full value of it because that is unrealistic. We all understand the Minecraft value system pretty easily, but if I were to say I wanted to purchase 10 PLEX for EVE @ $150, is that a good value or no? (It is)
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  3. You're exactly what is wrong with this "community" and are the reason why the EULA exists. The fact that your only response is to try and attack someone by saying they probably don't have a successful server really reads as a defensive mechanism and a general lack of any comprehension of the subject.

    Why does it matter if I run a successful server? Are you implying that only those who make thousands of dollars a month and have hundreds of players on their server are able to have input and make decisions, because if that is the case you need a serious reality check.

    You're responses are also rather amusing because I don't even run a server and the last time I did was in 2012. I'll come back when I'm making a few thousand a month I guess. /s
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  4. I don't agree with this letter, or at least I don't agree with the way it was written.

    The structure and "goal" of the letter seems to be written by someone who, to be honest, doesn't really know what the hell they are on about and has very very little experience writing in this kind of tone and purpose.

    For example, it says "The one and only thing that’s been driving this community for years is money."

    This is a total lie. And also the air given off by the letter is that Microsoft buying it was a concern. Microsoft also want to make money you know?

    You also say " literally 99% of the community that BUILT your game are against," Where is that stat from? Or is it just made up? If you make up stats, whos to say (at Mojang/microsoft) that the letter isn't just completely made up?

    I agree with the notion of the letter. I agree that minecraft is what it is today because of the community and I agree that the EULA issue is a problem which is not fixed with the way Mojang have set it up at present. I disagree with their reasoning behind it - kids are going to steal their parents cards regardless if they get a sword or a pet cat. But I can see why they are doing it.

    The letter is unbelievably bias and basically says "let us make money in any way we want". It doesn't take into account any other side of the argument about why these things are happening.

    Things like this, in my opinion, damage the community rather than raise it up.
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  5. Who was the people that holds up a Multiplayer community? And which money bags are plaguing it?
    Who helps Mojang bring up more multiplayer players? And who are those ruining our reputation?

    And Mojang decided to kill us all. I am speaking for, and only for those server that are not money bags. They helped Mojang attract more multiplayer players and this is what they get?

    And Mojang is like, "We don't need you anymore." Seriously.

    Mojang also owes some appreciation to Bukkit, Forge...

    Thanks for kicking us out, we helped building a community, so you're welcome. This is why I am against Mojang, getting betrayed by the game I love.

    Mojang is now making a business-wise decision. You cannot deny, that they are not stupid enough to make this decision and lose money from it. And guess what, if a company turns into a money machine, the users should be against the company... Wow did Mojang strategically transferred all those hate to individual servers? GJ and FU.

    Also assume another situation that non-eula friendly server NEVER ever exist.
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  6. Just like 99% of the servers out there owes appreciation to both the plugins that makes their servers, and the software that their server is running on. It's funny how the biggest donations I've gotten were from small sincere servers, and not the huge networks that brings in the most. (mainly talking about PlotSquared here) Makes you wonder...
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  7. Thank you for pointing this out. I did not fully read through the letter, and I just re-read it.
    The letter is, um, right, but it is completely not why I am against Mojang. I believe you are thinking the same as I do...

    Now I have to remove that from my signature.

    Ps: Also I am happy that I am planning on leaving the whole Minecraft community in 1.5 years. As I grow up, I should have some better things to work on. One of my friend warned me about this: A true skilled developer take Minecraft for granted because Minecraft is too low-level for them.
  8. Are you seriously saying that because Mojang is making money they should not be supported? Let me just go ahead and drop my support for every successful business out there I guess.

    Mojang did not "strategically transfer" hate to individual servers. The individual servers that made the most noise about no longer being able to make huge profits off a game are generating the hate. You're going to be hard pressed to find a bunch of people that are upset about you not being able to make thousands of dollars off a video game that aren't in some way biased about it.

    Minecraft could crash and burn right now and Mojang would be fine. Big money making servers shutting down or making a huge fuss about this is going to do nothing other than cause those servers to crash and burn on their own accord.

    Also, for the love of god, stop saying donating. You know damn well that you're selling things, and they are not donations. Its even more amusing that you use "donations" which makes it pretty obvious that you are just trying to frame your intentions and profits in a different light.
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  9. Well, the money machines people are against are the pay2win servers that oversaturate this game.

    It's Mojang's right to enforce their EULA. Unfortunately, if your business relies 100% on somebody else's product, there isn't a whole lot you can do when they change their policies.
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  10. donald trump wud change da enndndndd pooser lacanse aggreeeeeemoont
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  11. No, I am emphasizing the fact that Mojang used the whole community as their chess piece in order to promote their product. Then suddenly we can die because we are not necessary anymore. And I am angry about the fact that we are their chess piece.

    If they do love the community, Mojang should at least say thank you to Bukkit, Spigot, real community servers, Optifine.... etc..

    I believe Mojang do know enforcing the EULA to every single server will kill both money bag servers and small communities because they are not necessary anymore. Few people are stupid enough to keep a server running with his own money and still able to stay happy for years. Plus, you know what? Whenever the cracked users are no longer able to bring advertisement effect to the game, I guess it would be the time they enforce pirate policies.

    Also think about why Mojang gives you a earning cash limit of a couple thousand dollars in Minecraft merchant but not servers. Mojang can definitely block anyone from making Minecraft merchants and it will make their life much easier.

    By the way I do NOT agree with the letter.
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  12. But you clearly state:

    Also, of course they used the community to promote their product, do you have zero understanding of how that kind of stuff works?
  13. If they said "thank you for Bukkit/Spigot/FML/server" any time, ever, before they "you are useless now so screw you", I won't be that mad.

    Not to mention Mojang has successfully make all/most server owner looks bad while still showing a happy face to those ignorant players and make them feel happier. I wish all players could understand how much work the server administration community had put into and re-evaluate them.

    I wish I knew Mojang would make a dique move 4 years ago, before I started to go deeper in this game. So I won't become a Minecraft server owner and plugin developer right now, for a company that I would hate.
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  14. That's disgusting, but amazing at the same time.
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  15. Okay guys, this is ridiculous.

    We have no legal power over Mojang. We use their software to make money. If this did not start as an indie company, you guys do realize that paid things in severs would never exist. Mojang would have sued the heck out of us immediately.

    Now, they haven't said you can't profit! Again, if this was any other company they would have shut down everyone! All they want is to stop the many servers (and apparently iControl_) that are getting kids to pay insane amounts of money just to play a game they don't even have ownership of! (Exempt iControl_ on that one).

    Stop being so whiny and get over it. Really. They are being pretty forgiving as it is.

    Just make those cosmetics so cool (and go for unique things) that everyone wants them. You'll be fine. :)
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  16. If he owned Minecraft, well there wouldn't be Minecraft.
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  17. I really wish to see this, but Mojang has specifically disallow any server to sell any amount of item that are non-cosmetic. Which means a lot of servers, even though they do not sell ridiculous stuffs is currently in risk. That's why we should negotiate instead of just say no to it.

  18. Thanks for the reply, I will look into doing that :)

  19. I will admit that you have a very good point. I see loads of server selling items, perks, ranks, etc. for extremely high prices and personally I believe they should be punished. But there are many servers that have perfectly legitimate perks that are not exploiting the players. I really hope that some compromise between the two can be made over this.

    We all do have to remember though that as wizard had said, it is mojang's game and they ultimately get to do what they want with it.
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  20. Affixes


    I'm not entirely sure what you're getting at. The letter was straight-forward and the goal was quite clear. It wasn't always formal, but I see or felt no need for that in an open letter which is mainly based on my own personal opinion.

    Money plays the biggest role in every business. The paragraph covering Microsoft was directed towards how Mojang (and its employees) are making that through their hard work on the game. Something that the server community should be allowed to make fairly so.

    It isn't a statistic. It's a fictive figure and is very common to say in the English language for something that means "almost everyone". I also mentioned that most of those statements are based off of my own connections with people and their opinions, several times.

    This is not about kids stealing parent's credit cards. I recommend you to re-read the letter.

    It's not bias (look around you) nor do I have a feeling that you understand the letter in any way. Obviously there are people taking abuse of the whole situation, but as I stated, that's only a small amount and shouldn't impact all the honest server owners who have been depending on this source of income for years.
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