An open letter to Mojang.

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  1. I completely agree with you, many cheer for this EULA enforce, they say there will be more unique servers, yet I doubt that, many servers will close due to low donations, and its hard to get your server out there, yourubers, advertising, all costs crazy, and lets not forget development of unique server...
    Also I got question
    I could sell vehicles and custom blocks right? Since they are not made by Mojang? Like I make my own sword, which is not same item as theirs, having unique, using custom enchants without colliding wirh any of their own? Or is it still advantage?

  2. Nope, The EULA states that you may not sell ANY part of their game UNLESS it is cosmetic, What you are explaining is not cosmetic.
  3. In reading all of this, I have seen only one person (@MineCove) address this topic. And I don't blame people for ignoring this demographic as it's very badly represented on this forum: the average player.

    So I'm not going to re-iterate what I said in my previous arguments, or at least try not to but no one is looking from the perspective of the average joe on the server. So let's give him some characteristics: 8-14, middle-upper class (for the sake of argument) with parents who work and he does no part time work or very little and male (purely so I can refer to he rather than 'the kid' each time).
    Now the kid paid $26.95 (most current price) for the game from his parents money. It's not the cheapest thing around, like you can find tons of games on Steam or Humble Bundle that are $10 and still great, but he wanted it very much. Now he looks at the broader perspective and sees all these servers with a plethora of features that single player doesn't provide; of course he is interested. Now upon joining a survival server (the typical aggressor of the EULA) he gets some stone tools and starts playing. Then wants to upgrade, goes to the site and sees tools that cost $20 for which others have paid for and now have an advantage. He asks his parents for another $20 for a minor addition to the game. Their probable response: "Why pay for something so small that costs almost as much as the game???".
    This splits into one of two directions: if this set feature blocked the players ability to progress in the server then they would blocked by the pay-2-win barrier and he has to quit because his parents refuse and may result in action with Mojang, because it's "unfair". Otherwise let's say the parents buy it for him, and then he gets it stolen/broken/server shuts down. Where will the parents go first after this? To Mojang of course since it's "their game," but Mojang have no power of individual servers.

    Now why this little hypothetical that seems to not touch server costs, etc.? Well looking at Notch (who worked on the project at the time) discussed the EULA change. I want to note two quotes from him:
    • "we don't want our players to be exploited or to have a frustrating time unless they pay"
    • "We hate the idea of server hosts restricting Minecraft's features to players who have already bought our game!"
    So before you think this is a middle finger to all owners, it's only partially true. This is Mojang's attempt at controlling something they have limited power over. If someone benefits from this it's the average player. They no longer have to pay for key components and have equal opportunities as donors.
    The best part which all server owners neglect is the following: "[The EULA] for the record, has never allowed servers to charge for in-game perks" (again quoted from the same post). This means that Mojang actually changed it to allow for selling of cosmetic goods not restricting more.
    If you're going to jab fingers at each other then focus on those who sold ranks that made players basically control the server rather than those who try point out the greed that forced people to do it.
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  4. What about having it trial, like, everyone can do each rank's kit/features for one time, then they need to fill some quota like collect 100 hours of gameplay to unlock lets say Iron rank which could be obtained in store for $2.5 instead?


    Sell forum tokens, which then unlock you permissions/kits in-game. Regular users can obtain them too (Like 50 for registering, 50 for being active every week, per posts and so on?)
  5. Still it means that money is spent on goods that influence the gameplay. Doesn't really matter who pays it as the pricetag is there.

    Honestly, I'm not going to attack this one, and I have to look around a little bit, but I feel as if Notch or Marc Watson stated that you still can't sell things that are equivalently purchasable through in-game cash. But this one I still need to find a source for so can be more or less ignored for now.
  6. So, if second works out, I could see this idea being used untill they dont change eula again :O
    Please let me know once you check it :)

    EDIT: Selling access to certain worlds is prohibited too right?
  7. Ok yeah, both for my answer 2nd post and your edit are answered here:
    under "Can I charge access to a specific part of my server, such as a minigame or world?" and "Can I sell “kits” for hard currency if I provide a balanced alternative for non-paying users?"

    Long story short, both are a no
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  8. Find another game to invest in, or make one. You built a business based on breaking a legal agreement and now you're being asked to stop doing that. You deserve to have every illegal penny made stripped away. Stop whining and be grateful.
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  9. may I ask why you're quoting me? I'm not whining about anything lol

    also I don't have a server lmao
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  11. Which means I am limited to Cosmetics and thats impossible to host my server as I doubt I will get donations

    "Can I offer a limited trial period for all users?
    Yes. So long as both trial and paying users have access to the same gameplay features during the trial, we're cool with it."
    But I do not understand that part, with that, could I give everyone trial of my highest rank, for lets say a week? And offer purchasing/extending its period (7 days period) for X ammount?
  12. omg a company enforcing a contract... this must stop
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  13. Mojang did state that you can charge access to the server so for the question "can I charge for a minigame world" as long as the players do got get rewards for winning rounds and stuff like that. It is fine
  14. Nope, because not all users have access to extend it
  15. Basically, we are left with cosmetics or selling access to worlds where once again you all are equal (Like, I could only sell minigames access, not even safeworld for survival or something like that.)
    ...and in order to sell minigames maps/worlds access, you need players, which is hard to achieve with having cosmetics to fund everything...
  16. Yep.
  17. Its amazing because its disgusting.
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  18. With the new EULA you can generate funds from one of the following ways.

    Sell access to your server - This can be temporary access or permanent.
    Allow for the purchasing of cosmetics - this includes any features that has no impact on gameplay. These also cant put non-donators to any disadvantage.
    Just being nice - You can get people to give you money just.. well.. for nothing in return.. good luck with that one xD

    Well, lets face it, unless you want to pay for the server out of your pocket, its going down and its going down quick.

    EDIT: Thanks @Bobcat00 for pointing out that you cant sell access to worlds

    Sorry to break the bad news to you all xD

    Let me know if there are more ways.
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  19. Even with these its highly abusive and even things which are allowed can be subject to violating EULA, (example: Mark and John go play SkyWars, Mark has purchased access, John didnt, John is mad and contacts mojang as he does not have same access as his friend and things he isnt equal.)
    (Example 2: Mark has trails and hats, he is cool because of that, everyone wants him in faction, John is mad because they wont accept him as he does not have cool prefix, nor trail or hat. Once again he contacts mojang as he is not equal as his friend)....And yeah, I bet theres much more room to abuse enforcement.
  20. Yep, You are so right but it is human nature to want something that someone else wants. There is no complete way to stop this.
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