An open letter to Mojang.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Affixes, Feb 25, 2016.

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  1. @Omnivion, @Sauilitired Alright, this thread was made to discuss the open letter made to mojang, not bad coding practice. Lets keep it on track.
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  2. The thing is, they don't care if they kill multiplayer, most likely they will replace it with their own features, like they are already with Realms and crap. And once Minecraft really starts to die, they will just over-hype creation of Minecraft 2 which will once again bring them cash, they might even make it same as we had chances with Minecraft, let us have servers and all that, hype it for them, and then bam, same crap all over.
  3. trkey


    I don't know why you think a few small-medium sized networks shutting down will kill multiplayer...
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  4. I just feel that this isn't to make the game "Fair" there must be something else...

    If I remember correctly Mojang forced to shut down since they were making too much money off it, so my guess is that they could also bemad people are making so much money off something they created.
  5. I can understand that servers have to make money for hosting and stuff but there's a limit.
    When you come on a server and you can pay to be debaned, you know there's a problem.
    When you come on a server and you have a clear superiority as a paying player, you know there's a problem.
    People need to wake the f*ck up and realize that server owners have been charging enormous amounts of money for over powered ranks that help paying players. It's a f*****g game! There are 12 year olds on this game that associate money with fun because of this. I think that selling shit should not be allowed on any server, even if everyone has the right to have their opinions. I was the owner of a medium server and paying my hosting fees was not a problem with $40 available per month. I had a website and two servers with that. And there was no donations.
  6. Im confused here a bit... Were you handed a DMCA or is this just a reaction to the new EULA. If its just reactionary dont sweat it... They have to right that stuff to maintain legal ownership and cover themselves... If they are actually handing out DMCA's.. Then they are commiting suicide.

    If you are truely worried about this.. Then stop selling things that can not be attained for free.... Havent had a chance to read the new EULA but im sure its basicly the same as the others in the past and that single line has been the loophole to take advantage of... Though no one does.

    They know.. No one plays minecraft to play single player for very long... Xbox.. Ps3/4.... Android... All suck.. The ppl who have them play for a bit and quit and maybe come back once or twice in a few months... Realms is a joke... Ive been pushing them and advocating the creation of a subscription based platform for almost 2 years now but they are afraid of the legal implications of charging subscriptions to play on servers they dont control.... But they could easily get that legal team of theirs to draft up an agreement all server owners must agree to to be listed as a legit server. Those not in compliance with standards would then be subject to DMCA.. The server owners still make money.. They make alot more money.. And everything is legaly binding and easily enforced....

    Yet.. They dont do it.
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  7. I do have a question, what would they actually do if you ignore the email they send to you? They would bring up a legal problem?

    Because where I live it'll take at least 20 years for something like that to get a solution.
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  8. There are a whole bunch of things they "could" do. This includes but is not limited to filing a take down, blocking the ip, taking you to court, etc...
  9. They're not backing down and they won't. Don't expect them to go "oh look, some people are pissed off. Lets just stop what we're doing and change our EULA so a bunch of kids can continue making money off of our work!".

    Petitions are pointless and letters are useless.
    I'm pissed off too before you think I'm a Mojang cock-sucker, if Minecraft servers suffer a hit; so does the rest of the market.
  10. You are very correct. If we suffer, they suffer. I personally believe they have quite a bit more too lose then us. Lets just hope that falls in our favor.
  11. If this kills minecraft, who cares, there are a lot of better games XD. And if it doesn't kill minecraft, then my server loses a lot of competition, sounds like a win win.
  12. Leave in brasil? here is like that lol
  13. No, Costa Rica
  14. This was a beautiful letter to Mojang i hope one day they get to read it :)
  15. Stop crying, keep you to the rules the creators of this game made and there wouldn't be any issues around. If the server owners that are going hard against EULA cry because their server got blacklisted, it's 100% their own mistake.

    There was a warning about this a long time ago, server owners had the time to make their server compliant with the EULA, if you didn't do this, well bad luck for you, but it's nothing to start a conversation like this about.

    Their game, their rules.

    - jaimymaster, a EULA supporter
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  16. They should even start blacklisting players for saying Mojang is stupid xd...
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  17. Shame on you, We server owners made Minecraft the successful game it is today without servers Minecraft is nothing.
  18. Even Hypixel, who has been following the EULA since they announced it, has recently spoken out about it:
  19. I am a server owner too, money doesn't make the game better... Mojang made it better.
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