Bungee - Spigot Ancient Gates 1.8.0

Easily create Bungee portals with any custom design

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    AncientGates (version 1.6) - Easily create portals with any custom design

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    Added the ability to identify the gate you are looking at with the command "/gate info"

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  3. so i just added the plugin to my bungee cord server or to my hub server?
  4. You want to add it to each of your craftbukkit/spigot server's in the plugins directory.

    Follow the links on the resource page to the bukkitdev project. Full instructions on setup can be found there.
  5. Can you please explain how to installl this for bungee servers???
  6. I read that but the follow are very unclear. When i typein for example "/gate setto testgate hub" on my factions server it doesnt even say anything or great the setto point.
  7. Ancient gates needs placing on both your hub server and you factions server in the bukkit plugins directory.

    In the config (conf.json), 'bungeeCordSupport' needs to be set to 'true' (on both server configs) and 'bungeeServerName' needs to be set to the name that BungeeCord calls that server.

    So on the factions server config, if you type "/server factions" to get to that server, then the 'bungeeServerName' would be set to 'factions' and likewise for the hub server.

    Leave the socket comms options alone for now until you get a gate working.
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  8. If all else fails, just zip up your bungeecord config.yml and the ancient gates config files from all your servers and I'll adjust them all for you. We can then see where the misunderstanding has arose.
  9. I keep getting

    Portal goes no where message
  10. I cant get this to work across servers
  11. My guess is that you've misunderstood the "/gate setto" command.

    To set the "to" location, you teleport to the other server using to "/server" command, find a "to" location you wish to set, and then type "/gate setto [gatename] [fromserver]" "fromserver" being the server you have just created the gate at.

    In case your BungeeCord setting in "conf.json" are not setup correctly, I would suggest using the latest development build, which simplifies the BungeeCord setup: http://build.elliotcraft.net/job/AncientGates/
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  12. Can someone make a video on how to set a portal up ...
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    Update to 1.6.2 - Ride horses through gates.

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