Android Game Developing From a Java Developer Point Of View.

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  1. I want to start android game development, currently I have *pretty* ( to my knowledge ) good understanding of java.
    My plans were to learn C# then learn unity, started doing that, got sick 5 minutes later, such a nasty language... ( C#, "namespace", for real? is "class" too hard??? )

    So here is what I have:
    I have good understanding in java
    I have a lot of free time

    And here's what I want to do:
    Create games android.

    Sorry for the messy thread, my question is, what is the simplest way to create a good professional android game, from my point of view?

    Should I take another go on C#? Should I go with LIBGDX? ( It's a library, meaning it's harder to use and learn, right? ), What should I do here? What do I need to learn?

    Again, Sorry for The messy thread, I woke up early today and I'm tired as shit
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  2. There are namespaces in Java as well, they're called packages

    Reconsider sticking with Unity, you won't regret it. Professional tool yet still simple-to-use, there's not much of a reason for an indie dev to get into the hassle of re-programming what Unity already does so well.
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  3. C# tho :(
    Is learning a WHOLE new language worth it?
  4. C# and Java are extremely similar (first C# was copying Java, now Java is playing catch-up or something like that) and Unity is amazing. I think it's worth the "hassle".
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  5. Believe me, do it now and thank me later. ^^
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  6. You really don't have to. I would suggest to stick with what you know, and you're only just beginning so you don't need to do anything serious like learning a whole new language. there are plenty of open source android games made in java to study from (e.g. flappy bird android game on github) and see how things work, than to start from scratch
  7. Learning C# from Java isn't anything serious. There's almost no difference, only very few things to remember. Everyone who has worked with Unity and Java before will for sure tell you it was a good decision.
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  8. If your goal is android development than you should know Java. If you want to do game development learn unity and C#. As for you complaining about having to learn so much, unfortunately if you want to be a serious developer you're constantly learning new things and new languages. I've only been programming for 2 years and i know Java, Kotlin, C#, Ruby, Php, JavaScript, and Python. Along with different systems and frameworks like EmberJS, NodeJS Express, Rails, Linux operating system, etc.

    You're always learning new things new technologies so if you want to be a serious developer of any kind then I suggest you open up your mind a little more.
  9. I get your point, I really do, but currently I want to get the best out of the time I have, so my question, once again, what should I do next?
  10. Like a few others have stated, there's barely any difference between C# and Java. The syntax is already the same, here and there some minor details are changed or simply missing. The only thing I find C# lacking compared to Java is the fact that you can't easily create ENUMs with methods and variables. But really, C# shouldn't be an issue if you can do Java.
  11. I love Unity. I created an amazing main menu system and lots of other cool features. Here's just an example of something I did a year ago in Unity:

    Learning isn't too hard. It's literally Microsoft's version of Java just with Allman formatting if you decide to stick with their standard.
  12. It looks so complex :(
    How much time would it take you to learn ( for example? )
  13. It took me about 1-3 weeks to really nail down the navigation and their API properly. There's always new things to learn and do, so it's not something you can learn and be finished with.
  14. If you start developing games i would suggest using a library like Unity. I have been developing (desktop) games for some time now and one thing i know that it is hard to get the core. You need to worry about a lot... input handling, multithreading, graphics, timing. It is just way harder to create an engine then to learn C#.
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