Spigot AngelBlock 1.0.2

A Block you can Place on Air!

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    AngelBlock - A Block you can Place on Air!

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  2. Hello.

    I found this plugin through your "Place Items on Ground" plugin. Although this hasn't been updated since 2017 I tested it on my 1.13 server and it still works well. I do however wish to change some minor things, such as the AngelBlock becoming a regular glass block after it is placed. Is there any chance you could update this plugin or release its source? Thank you in advance either way.
  3. Hi, I actually do still have the source code for this plugin sitting around on my desktop! Check the plugin link about an hour after this has been posted and it should have a link to the source. Feel free to do whatever with it, no licenses or anything. When I am a little less busy with PlaceItemsOnGround, I will update this plugin.