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  1. I just checked and he has a bar under his name saying retired... :( I very sad. Anyone taking over the Plugin AngryWolves that's over still at ? I know he moved 1 of his Dyna's over here, but then -------------
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  2. Yes, I just tried it and is working with no errors on bootLoad with Pre-6 , but I am being proactive, because its a great plugin not to lose
  3. I've updated this to 1.13.2, however in a way that breaks normal functionality.
    The angry wolves will only drop golden apples now. If I knew more about java, and I may learn enough to change this to allow for using loot tables, and possibly custom items from other plugins. I made a few other small changes for 1.13.2 compatability as well.

    You can find my code here:
    Maven will build a working, running plugin - but it may behave different than Mike's original.

    As with all forks - don't trust I did things right! Check it out, or have someone else check it out before using it on a production server.
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