Spigot AnimalGuard 1.1

An animal protection plugin for use in conjunction with WorldGuard.

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    AnimalGuard - An animal protection plugin for use in conjunction with WorldGuard.

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  2. Very nice plugin, however could you add a flag for regions that I want players to be able to kill animals in?
    Like for instance we have a PVP region. When players bring their wolves, others can't kill them which is a bit unfair ;)

    Hope this is possible so I don't have to ban wolves in the arena! :)
  3. Yes, we're planning on having tamed animals be subject to the PvP flag as an optional feature.
  4. Alrighty!
    Per say, would a little donation help this getting done quicker teehee :3 ?
  5. PhanaticD


    awesome, going to try it out

    players get spammed with "you cannot shear sheep here" even when they can shear it and they are a region owner
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  6. Hi, I'm the other author of AnimalGuard.
    Sorry to see that you were experiencing bugs in the plugin, I'm not entirely sure how we managed to miss it, but thank you for letting us know. Since I can't actually upload new files SpigotMC myself, I can only provide you with a link to my dropbox with a fixed build of the plugin here.
  7. It was indeed developed after dissatisfaction with that plugin.
  8. PhanaticD


    but its like, EXACTLY the same
  9. Ehm, no?

    You're free to look at the source and compare it with the other plugin.
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  10. Awesome finnaly found a plugin that wil protect my players animals cause a lot of people where complaining about that they're animals where being killed
  11. hey,

    could you add like a worldguard flag that it is allowed in the set regions?
    that would be good cause now people can't kill the mobs at the spawners at spawn
  12. Custom flags with WorldGuard are such a hassle to work with. The API doesn't properly support them.
  13. hey,

    for some reason horses,villagers and dogs can still be killed in a protected region. can you fix that?
  14. Could you paste your config file somewhere, please? It would be quite helpful when trying to reproduce the issue.

  15. Sure here it is:
    # Default Config for AnimalGuard
    notify-outdated: true
    auto-download-updates: false
    allow-pvp-tameable: true
    allow-sheep-shearing: false
    allow-sheep-dye: false
    allow-mooshroom-shearing: false
    allow-mob-leashing: false
    allow-cow-milking: true
    - Chicken
    - Cow
    - MushroomCow
    - Ozelot
    - Pig
    - Sheep
    - Wolf
    - VillagerGolem
    - SnowMan
    - EntityHorse
    - Horse
    - villager
    - Villager
    - Horse
    - EntityHorse
    debug: false
  16. Ah yes, I think I see the issue. The issue is likely to arise from two sections:
    This line allows both horses and wolves to be killed when they are within protected regions which have PvP enabled. If this isn't what you want then you should set it to 'false'

    This needs to be capitalized, to be 'Villager'

    I think if you make both of these changes you should see any issues you were having be resolved.

  17. ok thanks, just wanted to make sure :p
    i changed it
    but pvp is disabled