Animals freeze now and then

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  1. There is some area in my server in which all the animals and monsters freeze now and then until I restart the server. I found that the affected area is (nearly) always the same chunk.
    My server is Spigot 1.9.2 with the following plugins:
    Why is this happening? Can somebody help me figure out this problem?
  2. I'm running Spigot 1.10 and have the same issue. At first I was only running Dynmap and tried to solve it by installing ClearLagg. It's still the same.. maybe Dynmap is causing this? :/
  3. Perhaps don't use the latest edition of spigot 1.10? try a build before that. Not every build of 1.10 is going to be 100% bugproof.
  4. Trying to rebuild using
    Code (Text):
    java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.10
    now.. will edit this post with an update later

    Edit: Still having the same issue, not even 2 minutes after the server started.
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  5. Hmm... very strange. I suggest dealing with it for another 24h or so. they'll release a new build, and they'll probably fix it.
  6. I decided to remove Dynmap and see if that could have been the issue... so far I've had 4 full day/night cycles and it's still working so far.

    So, without guarantee or extensive testing, removing Dynmap seems to fix this issue.
  7. Update several hours later: Still working perfectly without Dynmap installed.