Animals randomly despawning :/

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  1. Hi, I am running a small 1.15.1 survival server with 40 - 60 players online. Last time I have a big problem with despawning animals and mobs... Even named animals :/

    Here is my plugins: (and occasionally timings):

    The ClearLagg plugin did not remove animals becouse I disabled it.. I dont know what can I do, maybe is something to log animals?

    The animal dissapear when the player is far away from this animal

    And now I noticed that I have a lot of these WARNS:

    "Skipping BlockEntity with id"
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  2. Hi there is not something when its discharge the chunkl deletes the entities with maybe in your spigot.yml or a czr plugin it's true that it's byzare. Rate me its would help me: D