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  1. Hello,

    I found loads of posts about animated motds for bungeecord and there are plugins too. What i am asking myself: it it realy only possible for bungeecord- or also for a normal spigiot or bukkit server? Thats what im asking here. If you have any resources, Codes or nolages or ideas/ please let me know here.

    I would try to develop a plugin for this if any useful resources and infos are given.
  2. it is not only for bungee cord because I use it for my prison server and the plugin which I use is AnimatedMOTD(orignal)
  3. Yes, it is possible. Just cancel the ping packet until you want to stop the animation. But why develop this at this stage? As far as I heard it has already been patched in MC.
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  4. It is with 1.8.4.
  5. yes and he/she did an update today to make it work with 1.8.4
  6. samczsun


  7. Client 1.8.4 fixes the security bug.
  8. You can use a plugin called AnimatedMOTD :D
    Haven't tested it, but I'm guessing its not the hardest to use! :)
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  9. AnimatedMotd doesnt work in 1.8.4 client. So no point.