Spigot Animated Scoreboard [Now supports GroupManager!]

The best scoreboard skript out there.

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    Animated Scoreboard - Simple Scoreboard Skript.

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    Animated Scoreboard 1.1

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  3. The Code is as example on the pluginsite.

    if you want realy code a Scoreboard make a little more in the Scoreboardcode. PEX Group Name, and and and.
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  4. now its a nice skript. Top
  5. Can you put some screenshots?
  6. Hello circlam515,

    I am really sorry for the late reply (really late).

    I have fully re-vamped my code and posted in-game screenshots.

    Thank you,

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  7. Hi There I have placed all the Dependencies in my plugins folder and restarted the Server then placed the as.sk file in the Scripts folder then restarted tried to /asreload and says no such command. Please Help.
  8. Please download this: https://is.gd/43otwD

    Hopefully this has fixed the problem.

    Please do not hesitate to message me.

    Thank you,