Animated server icon, it's possible!

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Martijnie, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Today I saw this post on reddit which shows a working concept of animated server icons and MOTD's. Pretty neat I think!


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  2. That looks seriously cool!
  3. Thats amazing... Suck that HIVE AND HYPIXEL AND MINEPLEX
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  4. That's pretty god damn awesome :eek:
  5. Dayum, this is faancyy!
    Good work!
  6. Smexy. Props to you!
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  7. It's cool, but it will lead to server icons as annoying and obnoxious as banners on voting lists. :(
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  8. ahahahaha
  9. Minecraft can't support that... It would only update every time you refresh making it look not as cool as u hope it would :( but may be someone will figure out a way.. Microsofts choice not mojang..
  10. FormallyMyles


    This works completely but breaks online status, as an example you can add to your server list and it'll animate or set it up yourself in the vanilla client.
  11. It will... Hm never knew that.. Cool..
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  12. Maximvdw


    A workaround is possible for the online status, just not with that particular code. However somehow it showed like 1-2 green bars for online status
  13. Problem is is that:
    1. It's obnoxious
    2. Your connection is always open (how else will the animations reach the client?). So, what if someone sends a Minecraft "ping attack" (similar to a web GET attack) on 25565 sucking all the bandwidth out of your server? :eek: (A normal minecraft ping just chucks the packet at them and closes it)

    And oh my gosh every server is going to have this now. It's going to be a matter of the ones that have static MOTDs/favicons are the ones that stand out :S
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  14. No.. It's a choice we don't need to have it.. Some people might..
  15. Noble Pro


    You know what people are like when something like this is found out... E.g., holograms and hover over player count just to name a couple... Everyone will be all over it.
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  16. Im pretty sure they update the motd for every frame.
  17. I'll agree in saying this isn't really beneficial.
    It really does increase the likeliness of attack. Maybe implement an animation that isn't looped. So it will run through a certain number or frames.
  18. MiniDigger


    First oft all: This is done with an modded bungeecord Version. It just sends a status response every 120ms and switches the frames. If you are annoyed oft them (if everybody use them) you could just create a client mod to limit the number oft accepted status responses to 1
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