Animated server icon, it's possible!

Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Martijnie, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. samczsun



    Ahh, but the thing is, MylesCord is no longer animating-compatible. It's been removed because it randomly kicks players, and it's a custom Bungee build whereas we are making a Bukkit and Bungee plugin

    Also, we'll be providing more control over all aspects of the server list, such as the version, the player sample, the motd, the favicon. We'll also be providing different animations.
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  2. I managed to get a working version. I may make it open source.

    EDIT: At the moment it is not very user friendly (you have to enter the stuff into the code) but I am thinking of making it user friendly and possibly adding an API.
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  3. MiniDigger


    would be cool ;D
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  4. Like I said in the post above it isn't very user friendly but if there is enough interest and I find some time in between my other projects I will develop it further for a release.

    EDit: I do not want to go into competition with the paid version but I do have a version that I see no point in charging for.
  5. MiniDigger


    @Brandon don't need user friendlyness. Is it a plugin or a modified version of the server/bungee?
  6. A stupidly hacky plugin work around. I also made a custom spigot build with it in as I have g to get a fully working spigot plugin that doesn't crash you (on occasions).
  7. MiniDigger


    @Brandon looking forward to help testing ;D
  8. Want it for free? Learn how to code java then you will be able to get it for free. Plus pretty sure @md_5 wont like it paid cause he owns bungeecord and your literally making money from it... (just sayinng)
  9. Would love to have your code being tested on a dev-productuon server =D
  10. So I thought to myself what would minecrell, dev of serverlistplus do...
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  11. Why is everyone making a secret out of this? This is not hard to implement; at least if you ignore players getting kicked in the first step. I'm not sure if my version is also affected by this, haven't done any additional testing beside checking that it does what it should. Like @NightWalkerZed already mentioned, I will also add this to ServerListPlus once I find the time do to more testing and some optimizations.

    For now, here is the BungeeCord test plugin I've created the same day this thread was posted here, now nearly a month ago. I haven't posted it here earlier because I haven't found any time to do more testing or to optimize it, but it is/was working:
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  12. You will get memory leak over time from this.
  13. I'm aware of this, as already said I haven't been doing any additional tests or optimizations where I would have noticed this. I will fix this once I get some more time to work on it.
  14. Oh my, do you just rain cool BungeeCord code? xD
    Nice work, I'll test it today. (and maybe try and add animated MOTDs)
    One question; Where do I put the icon files? In the Bungee root directory?
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  15. With this plugin you need to place all the favicons in the root folder named like icon.<num>.png starting with 0. Please note that this code is not efficient and could possibly cause memory leaks as @maciekmm mentioned already.
  16. @Brandon Or you could try our plugin suite that was just released. It supports both Bukkit and Bungee with no dependencies and a heck of a lot more configurability like different animations and animation speed, automatic gif conversion. And in few updates player based motds. Stable and user friendly.
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  17. Not worth $15.
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  18. Seems somebody can't get that share from the market. ;)
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