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    Hey, I joined a server yesterday and there was a person that had a skin that changed every few seconds, almost as if it were animated, how would one go about doing such a thing?
  2. I'd think it's a server side feature? Some servers have animated hats and outfits players can equip.
  3. They could be manually changing the skin by using the Skin Customization menu in Minecraft settings. It lets you turn on and off the outer layers of the skin (hat, etc)
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  4. I've had someone join my server in the past with a skin that kept flashing red and blue. They wouldn't tell me what it was, I assumed they were using a mod.
  5. You can get mods to keep turning on and off the extra layer of your skin.
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  6. I'm guessing they were either disabling/enabling the second skin layer, or the server was changing the head inside his inventory slot to make it look "animated" Many servers have cosmetic hats.
  7. That mod sounds interesting, do you know if anyone has a released public version of this?
  8. I'm not aware of any exact mods, saw it in a YouTubers video where someone was hacking and there skin kept flickering layers. I could try and make it in Forge though if you'd like? Just let me know what Minecraft version :p
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  9. I would actually love a mod like this, do you have skype? Mine is YeltMC
    Forge 1.8.9
    Maybe make it configurable to enable hat, pants, etc?

    *sorry for getting off topic* xD
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  11. I'm pretty sure this counts as a "hack" as i've got banned for it before
  12. Most hacked clients have this feature that's probably why.
  13. What was animated about the skin?
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  14. This seems like it would be incredibly fun to use on large servers like Mineplex. People would be flocking you with questions as to how your skin's head layer is constantly changing.

    Too bad the staff most likely would not want to hear your side of the story and would instantly rule is out as some sort of unfair advantage or hacking.