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Use the player list tab! (This is only for tablist relating)

  1. I also noticed that in tablist.yml per-world and per-player no longer has the "enabled" option underneath them or is this intentional?
  2. And you configured correctly the groups? Send here the config and groups files.
  3. The enable option it was unnecessary, because if you not given that world, player names, then it will not get that tablist. So if the player is in (example in world) then it will get the world tablist.
  4. config.yml



    I've managed to get most of everything working now cause I forgot to change details back in the tablist.yml when I generated the new configs :)

    But I have found a new problem now though, when the first player joins "Shano" they get the groups.yml prefix "Owner" and nickname which is great cause they have the permission but when the second player that joins "Lucky_Mario" they don't get the prefix "Admin" or nickname at all even though they have the permission and a nickname?


    Then after a while of idling when one of the players go AFK the prefix "Owner" on the 1st player that joined "Shano" is removed and is left with only a nickname, also the afk made Lucky_Marios nickname appear but still no prefix?


    Also I just noticed for some reason any 1st player that joins before anyone else gets the groups.yml "Owner" prefix even though they dont have permission for it, in this case Lucky_Mario has tablist.admin permission which should show the "Admin" prefix but instead for some reason it's showing the "Owner" prefix and they don't even have the permission for that one

  5. This is a known issue, this fixed in the dev-release and can be get in my discord server.
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  6. Just tested those same config settings I sent in latest dev build from discord but the 1st player that is joining is still getting the "owner" group prefix from groups.yml even though they don't have the permission tablist.owner.

    Player prefixes (even though it's not the correct one) are still disappearing when player is afk

    EDIT - Also when a second player joins it doesn't show their nickname or prefix
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    I hope Discord releases are the same as those on Github.
  8. 4.9(Dev) is latest on Discord this one not on github yet
  9. For me and other user works correctly with the dev-release.

    Well, the hide-group-when-player-afk option is disabled in your configuration and if a boolean is false, then it does not doing anything, so it does not disables the prefix from player. Check your plugins, which doing the same.
  10. Hmm strange maybe I have an essentials setting set wrong I'll do some more testing
    Only plugin I could think of that might be affecting that would be essentials I'll look it over again

    EDIT -

    These are only plugins I using on test server

    AdvancedTeleport*, ChatControl, Essentials, EssentialsGeoIP, LuckPerms, MaintenanceSpigot, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-NetherPortals, Multiverse-Portals, Multiverse-SignPortals, MVdWPlaceholderAPI*, NoStrip, PlaceholderAPI*, TabList, Vault, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, WorldGuard
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    All Spigot users are not on Discord, nor want to be. Please keep Github releases up-to-date. (Where are you building them, if not on Github?)
  12. Silly me for some reason I had tablist.* set in my permissions manager for default players which is why it was giving them the owner(tablist.owner) prefix lol. But when a second player joins it's still not applying their prefix or nickname even though hide-group-when-player-afk is set false I'll check essentials again for that if it's not anything else

    EDIT - Nvm I worked it out. I just had to change "refresh-interval:" in "config-change-prefix-suffix-in-tablist:" to 4 as it was on 0 before.

    EDIT - Not a major issue but when a player goes afk it still seems to remove their prefix, atleast until they are no longer afk is there a setting to fix this so that it still shows the groups.yml prefix whilst afk?
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  13. Make sure the placeholder-format.afk-status is enabled and there is a format set in format-yes string. Because this disables the group from the player.
  14. I've updated the plugin and deleted my whole config and still ain't working.
  15. I have set those correctly (see config in link) but I've noticed that the essentials AFK message seems to be overriding the Tablists AFK message as well as temporarily removing the groups.yml prefixes and suffixes whilst afk and I wanted them prefixes/suffixes to stay whilst afk
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  16. I'm getting bored that no one can understand how to use groups. It's that simple.