Bungee - Spigot [Animated Tab] - TabList v5.6.1

Use the player list tab! (This is only for tablist relating)

  1. If the player goes to afk status and the placeholder-format.afk-status is enabled in tablist config, then the groups will be removed from that player and showing the afk format if set.

    Also check in essentials config the afk-list-name string is set to none
  2. If it's that simple why do so many people have problems? Instead of calling people dumb maybe the developer should approach in another way.
  3. I agree and that's what I mean and what I'm asking is if there's a way to keep the groups.yml prefix/suffix in place whilst afk cause every time I attempt afk the prefix/suffix disappears if not all good at least I know
    Ah thanks I was wondering how to turn that off since [] or '' wasn't working, so I entered 'none' like u said and now the tablists afk message is working but it has also reverted the players nickname back into the players (normal/original) name

    Ps: Thanks for the quick replies and your time this plugin is awesome
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  4. I am also experiencing this issue and is the only one I've come across so far, I tested using Alter-Egos configs to confirm. Can't seem to get nickname and groups.yml prefix/suffix to show whilst afk, only seems to display the players original name and the afk/non-afk message.

    Also the afk-no message no longer works for some reason it used to but not anymore and I'm not sure what would have stopped it from working. I am using latest dev version from discord
  6. So are u saying that it's not possible to have it show "{groups.yml prefix} nickname {groups.yml suffix}" while AFK? If not is it something you can add cause it only shows "{name} AFK"?

    If you are saying that it is possible? Because I have tried everything you suggested and even thought the AFK message does work, the nickname and prefixes/suffixes dont when afk
  7. I seen those messages and made appropriate changes but still can't get the prefix/suffix and nickname to show whilst AFK, I guess this just means it's not possible or just a bug you don't know about yet?
  8. When did I say that?

    Because this option does not added yet.
  9. Disable the placeholder-format.afk-status option in config.
  10. I think u misunderstood, it was just a question to verify that I understood you correctly
    Ah makes sense thanks that's all I wanted to know
  11. Sikatsu


    Can we place BungeeTabListPlus with this?
    Does this support CMI? (To show AFK tags in tab)
  12. wat
    this is a free plugin and we will not pay for premium plugins to make dependency with it
  13. great plugin except it dosen't seem to be syncing the tab list across all my servers. (I'm using bungeecord)
  14. Where is the screenshot? We need proof.
  15. SlimeDog

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    Not just the visual proof, but also how you got there, since others do not seem to have this problem:
    • bungeecord version ("latest" is not a version)
    • Spigot version (again, "latest" is not a version), and verification that all servers are on the same version
    • TabList version (again ...) ,and verification that all servers are on the same version
    • Versions of dependencies, and verification that all servers are on the same versions
    • Content of the bungee configuration files, and verification that all servers have the same content (use a checksum app)
      • bungeeconfig.yml
      • bungee.yml
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  16. okay here it is, Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 8.16.18 PM.png Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 8.15.42 PM.png
  17. For minecraft server version, 2 are running paper 1.14.4 build 223 (as shown) and the other are using the last stable paper 1.12.2 (servers not shown)

    Note: I had to post the config file as a text file

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  18. Sikatsu


    Sorry, meant replace.

    And what, CMI has a free API to use?
  19. SlimeDog

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    Why would you test it? Just code it and throw it over the wall, like everyone else. :)