Spigot AnimatedFrames 4.13.5-SNAPSHOT

Animated images on item frames!

  1. I don't think so
  2. Please update to 1.17

    This is an awesome plugin and I have used it since 1.14 and up to 1.16.5 with little issues.

    Thanks for your work
  3. Chill out and be patient. People have a life outside of making free plugins for Minecraft servers. The best thing you can do is report your issues to the developer and make it easier for them to update the plugin when they choose to do it.
  4. the problem is the dev is ignoring every issues because they don't care about the plugin
  5. Miss this plugin someone should remake it would gladly pay for a decent one to.
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  6. Hello I installed this plugin on my server and the things it needs and it still says that it depends on the map plugin but I already have it installed can anyone help me?
  7. Hey Mr. Dev loved your work always thanks soo much for this plugin!

    Wanted to ask if we were getting a 1.18 update as this is an amazing plugin!
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  8. I really like this plugin I hope you update it to 1.18.1 Thanks! Please update it
  9. Pls update awesome plugin does not work on 1.18 no other plugins like this
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  10. Hey this is like good plugin Hut i can't use it i am using 1.16.4 pls update it to .1.16.4
  11. 1.18.2 Support When? Really Need This! :)