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  1. Warning: Nashorn engine is planned to be removed from a future JDK release

    Is spam in console, When i disabled this plugin error has no more.
    Can you fix that?

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    Some people don´t get thier names edited by the plugin. I had NametagEdit bevore and some times people even get old names from the NametagsEdit plugin, even if everything from the plugin is deleted. Any Idea what I can do, to fix that? My Discord: Jonni#2324
  3. Does this mean anything ? These are Scoreboards, but I disabled them and it tracked many Players.

  4. Do I have to delete the Player Datas ?
  5. If you are currently using the latest version of AnimatedNames, it is not meant to be used on a production server (as it is a alpha build). I've experienced a similar issue to what you are facing, where the prefix of a player may not show up, or even show as a different prefix from another player (I noticed it with 3 players online, as it seems to not have liked having 3 players on at once for some reason). I suggest you downgrade to the version before the latest by going to the version history tab.
  6. Ok, thanks for the quick help, but can I use the Version 7.3.2 at my 1.16.5 Server?
  7. Please update to Java 16
  8. Sorry for the late response (I don't check Spigot that often). I am able to run 7.3.2 on 1.16.5 with no problems! ☺
  9. Hi, what is the placeholder to have the color of the faction relation?
  10. Maximvdw


    please note that animatednames will currently not work on 1.17
  11. Maximvdw


    The plugin is currently being developed for spigot 1.17 and java 16.
    This is a list of main changes:
    - JS Scripts (in animation effects) will now be done using Nashorn standalone
    - MVdWPlaceholderAPI will be replaced with PAPI 2.10.10 and later PAPI 3, we currently have several PR's on existing modules to add additional placeholders to PAPI expansions. If you feel there is a missing placeholder that IS available in MVdWPlaceholderAPI but NOT in PAPI, fill in this form
    - Libraries will be loaded using the new 1.16.5 feature for libraries
    - The plugin will only work on Java 15 or higher
    - An alternative for event triggers has to be developed (currently done in MVdWPlaceholderAPI)
    - NMS changes to Tab, TitleAdvanced, ActionBar, Featherboard and AnimatedNames

    Apart from the NMS changes specific to the plugin, the other features can be tested and developed for all plugins - this is why FeatherBoard will first be updated to test Java 16 and placeholder changes before updating this plugin
  12. I'm having major issues with name prefixes (and possible suffixes - haven't tested) going crazy, switching between the prefixes of groups a player is in and then resting at a white name.

    Spigot 1.8.8, Latest AntimatedNames release (tried default config, and "vault_prefix" for prefix.

    Any suggestions?

  13. Hello, i was wondering when you would release the first build of animated names for minecraft 1.17 paper?

    i would like to use this but i see in discussion that the current version doesnt work.

    i understand that you are working on it, i would like to know when i could get it to work on 1.17
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  14. We need 1.17.1 support
  15. This plugin is throwing errors on my console asfuck, 1.17.1
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  16. Any ETA on a update, or are you just going to abandon this plugin like you did with some other "premium" projects of you? (like Arcadeboard)
    I really like this plugin (just like the others) but we do need a update in order to be able to keep using it.
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  17. Any update on 1.17 release?
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  18. I believe he is currently working on it, especially now that FeatherBoard is now out of beta. So hopefully we should see it sometime soon. ☺
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  19. 1.18 is out and no update.
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  20. This resource will be updated to be compatible with the latest versions of minecraft?
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