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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by pvpstryker, Mar 13, 2020.

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  1. Hello,

    I had a question regarding the plugin's placeholders. I personally asked the developer 3 months ago if he could add relation placeholders to his plugin, which he replied to that it was in the midst of being added. 3 months have gone by and nothing. I now realize that the plugin hasn't received any updates since July 7th of 2019 and that the first request for relation placeholders was all the way back in March 30th of 2019. Plugin seems no longer maintained, could be wrong. What I am really trying to figure out if right now this is the classic case of a Spigot Developer promising an update and never going through with it. I just hate wasting time waiting for something that might never happen. If the developer no longer cares/doesn't have time, he should just man up and say no it won't be added, end of story. That's miles better than a fake yes.

    Finally, I really hope it gets added. If not, I would appreciate a clear and bold response. Contrary to popular belief on here, nothing is owed to anyone, you aren't required to say yes to every single requests that come your way.

    Thank you. (y)
  2. And you question is ?
  3. It's pretty clear what my question is.

    Will relation placeholders be finally added after a year of wait?
  4. Here is not the place where to ask this question. There is a discussion section of the plugin. go there and ask.

    Edit: We don't have the right to modify the plugin so only the Author has the right. Basically this thread is useless
  5. No,


    The developer asks that plugin related questions be posted here. It's not a bug simply a question, I might go duplicate this post into his plugin's discussion if I don't get any response though.

    Thank you.
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