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  1. Hey Spigot Members,

    I purchased the plugin 'AnimatedNames' but am experiencing an issue. My question is, is there a way to disable some features featured by the plugin for NPC's, or specific types of mobs?

    Thank you,
    KG Khan
  2. No it is not possible.
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  3. Aw, that's sad.
  4. Write a private message to the developer, maybe he can add it :)
  5. It is not physically possible in the game.
  6. Lol i mean on not ingame :D
  7. I mean what the OP wants to do, it is not possible in Minecraft. DMing the resource author won't do anything.
  8. He wants to disable stuff why should it not possible to implement e.g. a config to disable that features ?
  9. Because there is not an option for mobs in Minecraft to tell so. If you read the Discussion page on the plugin, you would know.
  10. Oh okay i missunderstood the question.....
  11. What's the actual issue you're having in the first place?
  12. If you didn't get this simple question correctly, my question was, "Is it possible to disable some features for NPC's?"
  13. ok..

    But WHAT do you want to disable.. them spawning? their tag plates? their skin? the animation of their names? their profession? trading ability?
  14. Specific features. For example, I would want to disable the second line of the name tag.
  15. Maximvdw


    as mentioned in the description. All features enabled for players are there for NPC's. This is a minecraft limitation

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