Bungee - Spigot AnimMOTD Remake | 1.8 - 1.12 1.12

Animated MOTD and server icon

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    AnimMOTD Remake | 1.8 - Animated MOTD and server icon

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  2. working on 1.12 and older?
  3. now working only 1.8
    I will try to upgrade to new releases
  4. All 1.8 releases or just 1.8.0?
  5. All 1.8 releases
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  6. Could you setup a test server please?
  7. play.osmanlimc.net used here

    also you can try it on localhost
  8. I pinged play.osmanlimc.net and it is stuck on the first frame. On 1.8.8 forge.
  9. Try it at normal 1.8.8
  10. Nope still nothing.
  11. hey, i'm running a bungee server just a normal bungee server with a bunch of 1.12.2 spigot servers behind it.. and its stuck on the first frame. it doesn't move, or update, or anything. it progressed to the secondframe the first time i booted up with it, but then i refreshed it. and now its just the first frame, even after consiquent reboots.
  12. this is the coolest plugin out there for MOTDs. i give it all my support and once you fix it, i wanna give you a 5 star rating because this is just awesome. if this guy can fix the plugin, we should all give him a good rating.its so sad that a plugin this epic only has a few downloads and is rating one single star. i wanna share the crap out of this plugin once its fixed!