Annihilation, is it worth it?

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  1. Hey guys. I remember playing annihilation a few years ago on ShotBow Network. I stopped playing it because of lack of updates and rise in number of cheaters. I even remember donating to the developers because I enjoyed that game mode so much. But few years past, I joined back on the server, and online is significantly lower than it was a few years ago, nothing changed, not even a version or some minor updates (as far as what I saw). First 5 minutes of the game and I got killed by a cheater that hit five players at the same time.. Out of 10 people using chat, maybe 2 spoke English... So I left in 10 minutes because of all of that.
    Would this game mode be popular if it was kept updating? Like creating custom classes, maps, etc? I'm planning on opening this game mode late in future, but I'm not sure if it would be popular anymore.. It's a big risk. Because it would take thousands of dollars to get it working. Development of the classes would take a big chunk of money, and ~$250 each map.. What do you think?
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  2. why would your maps cost 250$ each wtf, make your own maps for things or get friends to help you, its actually pretty easy to make really aesthetic worlds by yourself if you follow some guides online
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  3. I have no friends that play minecraft and I'm a horrible builder. Also, its totally worth the money for quallity 300x300 map.
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  4. Not really.
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  5. Well they worth the money when I saw them, anyways question is not in that. Will it be popular?
  6. Minigames are troublesome because you need a playerbase for the game to start. You will need to put money into advertising (youtube probably) because if only a few people find the server, games will never start and they will leave. If you can afford to advertise enough to get consistent players, you have a chance. I haven't played that mini game much so I'm not sure how it works, but if it is simple to get into, fun, and the kits and stuff aren't overpowered, it could do well. You also need to think about how you are going to monetize the server, which could be tough if you don't want op kits and stuff.

    As for builds, you are better off making some sort of deal to get them for cheap. Maybe an up and coming builder or build team that you could give credit to in game rather than pay. I wouldn't spend that much per map starting out.
  7. Thanks a lot. I thought of all things you have said above. I have really great ideas how to monetize it and I'm pretty sure they would work without any donor kits. But advetising and player base is the main reason of this thread, not sure if people would like the game mode :/
  8. I guess you can say its worth if you do it right. Since thousands of players played Annihilation a few years ago it has potential but you have to consider that there are plugins out there with exactly this gamemode already premade so its a really hard buisness to get into. Plus there is a chance you could get sued when your server gets too big with a gamemode that would be almost an exact copy of one used on a well-known server, although this is very unlikely because Shotbow probably doesn't want to spend money, they only have like 2 part-time developers and 12 custom gamemodes that havent changed in 3 years.

    I used to play lots of Annihilation a few years ago until got unfairly banned 12 hours after I left the server. They just banned me out of nowhere, despite many attempts and proof they still didn't unban me. Earlier this year I went back on an alt and joined there discord with like 300+ players online and I got banned on there too for advertising because I was playing Mc and I had an overlay saying "playing: on aquariousmc"
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  9. I believe ShotBow have "annihilation" trademarked.. But I've seen few servers with Annihilation using this name, but none of them were English based. And yeah, there is a premium version of Annihilation, but I haven't seen any English based server with annihilation on it. And also I wouldn't just drag the Jar file into the plugins folder. That's why I need money for the developers, and that's why it's so risky :p
    Also to avoid any legal issues you can call it any way you want and the features my idea includes are different from what shot bow has implemented except for the core features as mines, phases and nexus..
  10. Oh wow, shotbow rolled out 1.9 update three days ago, after few years of beta...