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  1. Well maybe, just maybe, is that plugin custom made
  2. Dude it's cause the owner of the server use like auto message or custom msg plugin where he edited the configs and had put the msg in done.
  3. No he dose not.
  4. How do you know?
  5. I talk to the developer. He said he found it and all he had to do was change the prefix and the under that it had messages and the normal stuff.
  6. Wow you're lazy, just edit the configs from the plugins
  7. Dude please people are trying to help you and you have bump them just wow and the Dev can be lying.
  8. For the love of God, stop the buuuuumping. Okay, so you want something that looks like the screenshot, correct? Stop being lazy, then. We don't get everything we want in life. If you want something like that, use something that's available and edit the config to look something similar to the message in the screenshot. I use @extended_clip's MessageAnnouncer plugin and it works quite well. I'd recommend it.
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  9. Then what do you have your dev for?
    Code (Text):
    # MessageAnnouncer v1.1 Main configuration
    deluxechat_placeholders: false
    announcer_enabled: true
    announcer_random: false
    announce_interval: 120
    - one
      - '{"text":"&3>>&b&m----------------&7ServerName&b&m----------------&3>>"}'
      - '{"text":"&aCheck out how easy it is to make a message!"}'
      - '{"text":"&3>>&b&m--------------------------------------&3>>"}'
    It doesn't take genius to configure a plugin.
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  11. I use scheduledanouncer2
  12. @GG_Rekt its pretty easy to make your own announcer plugin. Just make something that announces messages -
    If you don't want to do that, like everyone said don't be so lazy lol. I completely agree with @William79 too. Like RealAg and someone else said you can find a free, fully customisable scheduled announcer plugin.
    Adding onto my message, the best one you'll find is the AutoMessage one that everyone has been saying. Just use that and configure it to your likings lol
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