Annoying chat message when sending a message

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by dart2112, May 2, 2015.

  1. when ever me or any other player send a chat message we get a message before our message saying "Sending message, one moment". Does anyone know what plugin this is and how to disable it. The only chat related plugins I have are:
    • Chat Control (Spigot)
    • Herochat (Bukkit)
    • Essentials (Without Essentials chat I don't think it alters chat but I thought I better through this in)
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Friendly bump. :)
  3. Please show all of your plugins! You'd be surprised what plugin(s) could be causing this!
  4. Here they are, Some of them are custom and the few that do work with chat do not affect in in this way.
    MinecraftMarket, Pinger, Op_plus, WorldEdit, Essentials, TabColor, ClearLag, ChatControl, MineStats, AlphaChest, MobArenaFix, WorldBorder, Lockette, CommandLogging, UUID, CustomShutdown, ProtocolLib, WorldGuard, MultiWorld, SkinsRestorer, Adfly4Bukkit, MaxBans, SerialKey, EssentialsGeoIP, EditableSign, EssentialsChat, PermissionsEx, SuperSpleef, PEXChecker, MineResetLite, ProjectLapis, Vault, ZinChat, EssentialsSpawn, Prism, MassiveCore, DisguiseCraft, ChestShop, GameModeInventories, TintHealth, Herochat, AutoAnnouncer, AuthMe, MobArena, Factions, ItemFrameShops, FactionTags
  5. Bump. This is starting to get in the way of chat
  6. I believe that CommandLogger is doing this that or ZinChat. Try removing one and see if the same odd thing occurs!
  7. Both of those plugins are coded by me, I have already checked them. At no point does command logger listen to chat and zin chat only listens to a specific player's chat.