Another price increase of Buycraft

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  1. I just received an email this morning from tebex announcing a price increase in their plans, here is the important part of the mail.

    What do you think about this, is it worth it?


    Personally, I believe the service is expensive. I am paying a bit more for a Sale System for a store that sells clothes, but the system is a lot more complete with more functions
  2. Ugh... Disgusting. Buycraft is just milking money.
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  4. @SamB440 Buycraft is a free plugin for all servers, You can use the free version of buycraft, but You have a choice about buying it or not. Another reason why buycraft raised their prices is that they need funds to keep the websites running. They still have to pay for an extra website if you use the free version of buycraft, so Technically they are losing more money then gaining, because most newer servers use the free buycraft plan. I know you can get a website for like $5 with unlimited everything, and full access, but to pay money for other people, so that they can make money by hosting the server is pretty selfless. Finally, They do not take anything out for taxes, which I think they should, But that is a topic for another time. It is fair that they raise their prices once a while, If they raise the prices, It means that they need the money to support the plugin and all the servers using it.
  5. I agree with LilDevs. Just consider that the premium ones give you access to make your buycraft more pretty = you get more buyers, also give you access to coupens and sales and those give you more buyers too.

    It doesn' really matter if they're in the need of funds or not for me. A sale (premium function) makes almost every server more then they would ussually get, so why not pay that little extra to them?

    If you're still not happy with how much they charge, there are options enough. I know in my experience that players prefer buycraft instead of other simular plugins, so it's a choice you'll have to make.
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  6. CubedPay - I believe this is how they'll get popular if they keep doing this.
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  7. what kind of issues?
  8. DavidDevelops


    Please... Fact check me but i dont think they pay $5 for everybody that uses them... They are hosting more then 1 buycraft store per website... that $5 webhosting may be hosting 100 buycraft stores at once.. seeing how they dont get THAT many visits (If you're using free you're most likely small) a webhost with "unlimited everything" could host a lot of them at once...
  9. That's ridiculous, they've survived years with lower prices and the sudden change has nothing to do with them needing more money to "support the plugin". They're a business so they're capitalizing on the fact that people will pay more for Buycraft.
  10. All of the people complaining about Buycraft being expensive clearly have never used such platform anywhere else (non Minecraft related). Yes it may seem like a lot of money to some people, but I'll list down for you what you get for a 50 pound monthly enterprise plan:
    • Monthly Transaction Limit: Unlimited
    • Themes
    • Sales & Coupons
    • Variables
    • Subscriptions
    • Team Accounts
    • Custom Domain Name
    • Banned Users
    • HTML Template Editor
    • Prioritised Support
    • Branding Removal
    • Enterprise DDOS Protection
    • Chargeback Prevention
    • Player Lookups
    • Tax & VAT Support
    • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Custom Reporting & Analytics
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Service Level Agreement
    • Emergency 24/7 Phone Support
    • Bespoke Feature Development
    • Private Slack Channel
    • Gift Cards
    • Package AB Testing
    • Webhook
    ALL of the above, for 50 pounds a month (maybe more depending on customer, not 100% sure how their enterprise works). I work at an enterprise e-commerce software provider and I can assure you, for 50 bucks we wouldn't even open our laptops. I'm probably not allowed to share exact numbers, but one of our customers is V0daf0ne (Netherlands and Germany, around 40,000,000 end customers combined). I can tell you this much: putting live a new version of V0daf0ne's backend costs V0daf0ne more than what the average adult earns in 2 years, and we do this (if I recall correctly) roughly twice a year. These guys pay the company more in one month (to support, dedicated scrum teams of developers, solution architects and business analysts) than the average adult will earns in 25 years. That is enterprise grade software, now look at what Buycraft calls Enterprise and how much it actually costs. 2 years ago I did an internship at small Magento (open source e-commerce platform) based webshop provider. It would cost you between 2500 and 3500 euro just to develop the webshop (which takes between 1 and 4 weeks), which really was just a base Magento installation and a theme (which was also just bought online), and then there was hosting which was a couple hundred a month if I recall correctly.

    When was the last time your Buycraft webshop had a critical bug, or even a minor one? When was the last time your Buycraft shop was offline? When was the last time you had to pay for an SSL certificate on your webshop? When was the last time you had to wait a week for a response from their support team? Support is even free! Hell, the enterprise plan even gives you hyper care (emergency support), a service level agreement, a dedicated account manager (whatever that even means) and they give you access to a private slack channel where you can probably directly have influence on the actual features, probably without any extra cost.

    You guys should have a real serious look at what Buycraft actually provides you with, and then look at the price. They host a flawlessly working, stable application for you and they do all of the payment processing for you, which can even be done for free for most people. They have free support, they offer decent DDoS protection on free plans and they'll do whatever it takes to keep you online on enterprise plans. Seriously come on, all of that for only those prices? You guys need to stop wanking and realize how expensive the real world can be and how cheap Buycraft actually is for what it provides you, compared to real profit focused software/hosting companies. Just because you're broke doesn't mean they're too expensive.

    It seems like you guys need communism.
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  11. After @Potters reaction I've read, I checked CubedPay out, and I made a flowchart when you better use CubedPay and when you better use Buycraft:

    Read it like this:
    You have the buycraft ultimate plan for example and you're thinking to go for the Unlimted plan from CubedPay. If you your store makes more then 957 $ a month, then you should stick with buycraft. If your store earns you less then 957 $ a month, it's better to go for the unlimted plan from CubedPay.

    In other words the numbers I've calculated are the "breaking point". If you earn more a month than the number in the chart, the buycraft plan is better for you. If you earn less than the number in the chart, the CubedPay plan is better for you


    Note: I've only looked at the pricing, not the services that both provide.

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  12. DavidDevelops


    The image didnt load but the file with it makes 0 since... You just put numbers up, Why is lite more then ultimate? Also where did you get "957 $ a month" from?
    not many servers make more then that a month so, Yeah please explain the numbers and show where you got them?
  13. Never had issues with them... :p
  14. I can't tell correctly since it was 2 years ago, but I remember it was something about payments not processing which is a core function of a sale system :rolleyes: and support would not answer, I think developer was inactive at that moment
  15. To the question from @NetherGoblin

    I've calculculated it by taking a buycraft plan, for example the 10 pound one and that equals to 13,4 $. If you want to compare it with the lite plan, devide 13,4 by 2 (the lite plan is 2%). You get 6,7. Then you do 6,7 times 100 which is 670 $. That's the number in my chart. To control it do 670 / 100 * 2 = 13,4.

    We're comparing the Lite plan from CubedPay and the Premium plan from Buycraft. The number in my chart is 670 $:
    Example 1: your server makes 500 $ a month
    • Buycraft: you pay 10 pounds monthly or 13,4 $
    • CubedPay: you'll have to pay 2% so in this case, you'll have to pay 10 $ for this month of profits
    Example 2: your server made exactly 670 $ a month
    • Buycraft: you pay 10 pounds monthly or 13,4 $
    • CubedPay: take 2% from the profits, so you'll have to pay 670 $ / 100 * 2 = 13,4 $
    Example 3: your server made 700 $ a month
    • Buycraft: you pay 10 pounds montly or 13,4 $
    • CubedPay: they take 2% from the profits, so you'll have to pay 700 / 100 * 2 = 14 $
  16. Buycraft has a lot of features, but most of these features aren't being used, or they only take a few seconds to implement.
    To create a replica of Buycraft isn't that hard, considering that their system is made up completely of other resources (not created by them).

    They use:
    • Bootstrap (the design for the actual stores)
    • AdminLTE (the control panel we have access to)
    • Various amount of payment gateways to setup transactions (that have an API to easily create a payment listener)

    I personally can't see a lot of work that was put into Buycraft. All that's needed is basic PHP + Bukkit/Java knowledge, and a brain.

    All the little features such as Coupons, Sales, Gift Cards, the transaction limit restrictions.. These things take less than 2 minutes to set up..

    Edit: Alright, I give up with this community, have fun with 0~5 players daily average.
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  17. inb4 the comments saying "well then you try it and do it yourself hahahhahaha nooooooob"
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  18. I don't mind paying more for something that is crucial for my server revenue. Most of the time you'd be earning enough that you wouldn't mind paying extra for Buycraft anyway. Buycraft is rarely down, supports most payment gateways, has fraud protection, merchandise support and private Slack support at enterprise levels.

    I wouldn't even touch something like CubedPay or insert other unknown new Minecraft webstore that can possibly die within months when there are more reliable solutions.
    Besides, do also note that Buycraft or Tebex is no longer Minecraft only but is constantly expanding to other games now. (and also merchandise) I think a small price increase is perfectly fine.
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  19. While many would probably reply with the fact that it would be extremely hard to make, it probably really isn't. Sure, it's probably a little harder than the simple way it was said in this reply, but really, it's not rocket science either. There are tons and tons of frameworks you can use to make things easier, as already mentioned, AdminLTE is one of them. AdminLTE is basically the entire design of your backend, pretty much done already. Then you'd need to make your own functional backends and communicate with payment gateways. There's a few options to go for; PHP, NodeJS or some kind of JavaScript (client sided) + API based setup. I'd love to make my own version of Buycraft at some point and I might even open source it, but I sadly simply don't have time for that right now. Sure, it will be time consuming and it won't be super easy, but it's definitely not impossible. The other thing that kinda holds me back at the moment is not only time, but also security. I'm an absolute security freak and I probably wouldn't trust myself with something like this...
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