Spigot AnotherDailyBonus • Increase player retention! [1.15 - 1.16] 1.1.5

Another daily bonus plugin with Daily, Weekly and Monthly rewards!

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    AnotherDailyBonus - Another daily bonus plugin with Daily, Weekly and Monthly rewards!

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  3. It'd be truly amazing if you could add 1.8.8 support
  4. After claiming the monthly reward, it says I only need to wait 8 days until I claim the next one. I have unlock-custom-time: 2592000 in my monthly.rewards.yml config, but it still says 8 days, even though that number is 30 days in seconds. It's the same for the daily and weekly rewards. When you claim a daily reward it says the next reward is available in 5 hours, and the weekly one says it's available in 6 days and 5 hours.

  5. Set option 'unlock-at-new-cycle' to 'false' to make custom cooldown work.
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  6. some of my players have reported that even tho the timer for daily reward reset at 24:00, they can't still get the day 2 reward , they have already taken the day 1 reward.
  7. I'm having the same issue. Many users telling me that the daily resets on them even though they get on the same time everyday.
  8. Now we are showing we have some members not getting their diamonds from their daily bonus. I check the logs and nothing is showing that the plugin is issuing the console command at all except for the money. So now that, in addition to daily bonuses are resetting on 80% of my server, has now made me decide to stop using the plugin. It turned basically useless.
  9. how i can a change the time for monthly bonus when people join they can click it but dont have to wait how can i make it that when they want there first month they have to wait a month
  10. For some reason, items disappear, sometimes when you exit and enter the server, they appear. In creative mode, you cannot clear your equipment (shift+lpm), items modifying commands like /enchant are running, but you must exit the server and enter again.
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  11. Not a plugin bug
  12. The problem only occurs after adding this plugin, even after removing all others.
  13. Can I create a new custom reward like ranks rewards? Per example vip, mvp, mvp+?
  14. Yes
  15. And how can I use a custom material for each reward?
  16. ??