Bungee - Spigot Anti AttackCoolDown for Minecraft 1.1

This Resource removes the Attack CoolDown

  1. Good plugin but can you add permission ?
  2. Why Permissions? For What? This Plugin removes only the Cooldown.
  3. Because i have ranks, and 2 have no cooldown and 1 have cooldown 1.9 ...
  4. Hey, i downloaded your plugin and when i started up my server it immediately gave up a class not found exception error in console

    Apparently the 'main' variable in your plugin.yml missed some path info i got this fixed by changing




    I'm adivising you to change this in future updates as it is bad advertising if you get an error like that.

  5. Hi,

    would you like to run this plugin in a 1.11.x-ready-version?

    Ciao, Carsten