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  1. Hi, I am the owner of DuckCraftPvP, and i was wondering if there are any anti cheats that have good records and have machine learning?

    Please provide links if you have heard of some so i can check them out.
    Thanks, DuckCraftPvP
  2. Yeah uh thats not how it works. Machine learning isn't just a fancy adjective for 'better anticheat', It actually means something.
  3. it means it uses a ai system designed to improve checks on its own and be accurate by learning how systems and plugins work so it does not false ban and will always detect a hack better then a req anti cheat. Please don't just assume people dont know something because they put it in simple form.
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  4. I think Hypixel has something like this. But of course it's private :)
  5. There are no public anticheats that implement AI here on spigot (to my knowledge). If you want, there is probably someone like that on MCM who claims that their AC uses machine learning.
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  6. Mas


    AAC uses it to a small degree, I'm not sure how noticeably different it is.

    You probably aren't going to find something like this just floating around on Spigot. It's best to just invest in good current AntiCheats which will do the best they can with limited amounts of ML.
  7. Try to use Spartan i recommend it.
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  8. i currrently use spartan. i just wanted to have 2, Spartan and a machine learning one. :p
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    Then you're going way over the top.
  10. Although I like the attitude, the more conflicting AntiCheats you add, the worse your hit detection will be. I currently use Spartan and I love it. It works just fine.
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