Anti Cheat: Machine learning anti-killaura

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by konsolas, May 7, 2016.

  1. Chess engines are way more important...
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  2. He's making a chess engine??
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  3. A private project I guess, but yea
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  4. right.
    I use 5 because it shows the differences in light know.
  5. konsolas


    So essentially I was away for 2 weeks, and was working on a chess engine during that period. This is still in development, and may be able to detect ghost clients in the near future.
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  6. Well, if you need help. You know where to shout.
  7. I know that this is possible I just don't see how a plugin can learn & gl with the development!
  8. It's all about maths, statistics, graphs, vectors and classifying those vectors. Machine Learning is a mathematical simulation like the human brain.
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  9. Someone enlighten me on what a chess engine is? It would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Boom.
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  11. A program which picks chess moves.
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  12. Thank you, after reading that I feel pretty stupid. (It was self explanatory)
  13. How's progress?
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  14. konsolas


    How's this for progress?
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  15. I still feel like this would require a minimal amount of work to bypass.. But I guess I'll see for myself when you release a demo/a real copy.
  16. konsolas


    I mean, I've already shown the "untrained client" video. How else do you propose a bypass would work?
  17. I wouldn't wanna release my possible bypass before I can even test if it works myself. I'm long gone from contributing to the minecraft community.

    I'm just voicing my opinion, you have some sort of 'method' to detect the different between a human and a hack but a very limited amount of ways exist.
  18. the way to bypass a difference between human behavior and robotic activity is near impossible, you'd need to make the computer think you're a human and having it programatically do that is possible, with macros and such but it would be very hard and @konsolas how do you propose you'll find macros and stuff like that? I mean there must be a way but the macro would copy human behavior and output it as itself so there's no real way to differ between that and human behavior because it is technically the same. You'd just need the computer to choose the macro based on the entities around it and the positioning of the player, sure it would be hard to make but not impossible by any means so how would you check this, or even find this since it's copying human behavior.
  19. Human random isn't random.
    Machine learning isn't about specific actions, it's about the patterns things follow - which do exist.
  20. This plugin only gives a probabillity.It's up to the person reviewing whether the player is cheating or not