Anti Cheat: Machine learning anti-killaura

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by konsolas, May 7, 2016.

  1. Mind sharing the source code of this?
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  2. Why is everyone rating my question as funny... XD
    It's a serious question though! Creating anti cheats with machine learning might be way better than we have right now. Who knows what possibilities it can bring.
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  3. Yes, I totally agree with you. But nobody would make this open-source because you would earn thousands of dollars when you sell it as premium resource.
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  4. SlimeDog


    It will be a better way. But this is not an open-source project. Please feel free to experiment yourself and write some code. And make it open-source.
  5. Yeah, I didn't think of that. Guess I'll have to try myself ;)
  6. Programming successful machine learning algorithms is not as easy as it sounds.

    Its protection of intellectual property of a test-plugin.
  7. If this was added to AAC...

    People will think they finally got Watchdog on their server
  8. Similar approaches are already used by AAC in a smaller scale.
  9. Watchdog isn't anything like they make it out to be, go ahead and test it yourself, even report yourself with another account, it's hopeless.
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  10. JamesJ


    Not really.
    99% of the hackers I report are banned within 30 seconds of reporting them.
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  11. Question, did this project die or is it still planned to be released?
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  12. Probably just died. AAC is easy to bypass with public and private clients.
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  13. MiniDigger


    as is every public anticheat, lol
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  14. As of right now, plenty (if not all) anti cheats get bypassed very quickly. I am however very interested to see if machine learning can make an end to this. When my server is online (up and running, out of alpha & beta, time and money) I will try to create my own machine learning anti cheat, but that'll take a while before I can even start on it...
  15. It would be nice to name the clients so aac's heuristics can be improved
    well it doesn't really depend whether an anti-cheat is public available. funny to hear an obfuscation-like argument from you (i hope i didn't got you wrong).

    example 1: free client liquidbounce has an hypixel fly and a cubecraft fly currently.
    example 2: a private client had a fly bypass (other bypasses too) for badlions anticheat in january 2017 (idk about it now)
    example 3: some people even bought janitor and other higher-priced anticheats (i see them as less-public anticheats) than aac (can be seen as public anticheat) and reported later on that they returned to aac because they think that aac is better. (not to make advertisment here, just an example)
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  16. MiniDigger


    doesn't depend on if you have access to code or not, you can just try tweaking your stuff till the anti cheat doesn't detect you anymore. this is harder for not released anti cheat software because its just harder to test (unless you have plenty of accounts to burn :D)
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  17. yeah its harder to create stuff for hypixel anticheat because you do not see verbose output of the anticheat. you can however see this verbose output on various test servers.

    but there's no real reason to bypass an anticheat of a server not really many people habe access to at all.

    Edit: btw. you can get one minecraft alt for 0.1 euros or less
  18. I would recommend you take a MIT class in machine learning before making a machine learning plugin ;)
  19. Am I missing a meme here?
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  20. Can't you share those files to other people then and have OP level anticheat for the cost of many square roots?
    (Square roots are EXPENSIVE)