Anti Cheat plugin (Negativity) and Brewery unite?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Toefte, Jun 29, 2021.

  1. Hello everyone I am brand new to Minecraft servers. Now I wanted to run the plugin Brewery on my server.
    Now the problem, I use AC - Negativity as an anti-cheat plugin and as soon as someone is drunk the Negativity kicks him because of Fly, if I turn off the automatic kicking then I get every second alarm messages about this player that he uses Fly as long as he is drunk.
    Is there and if so how a way to tell Negativity "Hey that 'player is not using Fly but is just drunk" ?
    So to unite Negativity and Brewery?
    My Minecraft version is 1.17 and the server is running the current Spigot Paper version

    Am grateful for any help and answer

    Ps excuse my bad English I write with a translator my real language is German
  2. I think you'll have to contact the developer about this. Not entirely sure how the anti-cheat works, but maybe you can also toggle Fly alerts off, but the downside would be that if actual cheaters who use fly won't send alerts for fly.
  3. Oh ok thank you for your reply. I have seen that there are also Discussions sections here at the plugins, so I have now also posted my question at the plugin and marked the _Uploader. Maybe he can help further. Would be really great if I could kick the user Fly use but you can still get drunk.
  4. Hopefully, he can help, good luck. :)