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  1. I was wondering, what's the best anti cheat right now? I saw multiple complains about AAC, so im not quite sure if i should buy it now.
    Is there any other suggestion?
  2. They only complain about AAC because they don't have the proper config.
    I used to own a server that was mainly pvp and another owner used AAC with celebminor's config. It was the best combination as there were almost no cheaters.

    Other people complain about spartan which I haven't used for the lack of combat checks, so you have to experiment with that.

    NoCheatPlus is an open sourced anticheat and is free. Along with this, it's easily bypassable from multiple clients unless you have some addons and a great config.

    That's my personal opinion on these things. It just mainly depends on your gamemode.
  3. [​IMG]
    I saw that and i instantly thought it would be inactive, however if anybody can confirm me that its still updated then i will most likely buy it.
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    Go to the update tag... May 25, 2018 is the last update sooo, Yeh id say so also the 2nd review there is a addon by celebminor you can get to remove the aac command 100%, the messages are pretty customizable i thought... dont remember though, even the basic aac with no good config or addons still gets most hacks just a good bit of false flags, so 3rd review is bullshitting or they configured it badly, i haven't seen it go without updates and i rarly see bugs,
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  5. Thank you for clarifying!
  6. Feel free to check my signature if you aren't sold on the costly investment that is AAC. To get the most out of it, you'd have to purchase the plugin itself, the add on plugin, and the configuration which run for about $50 together if I'm not mistaken. Celebrimbor makes a solid configuration if you do go down that path.
  7. To be honest, budget is not a problem as long as the result is good.
  8. So they can be sold on your config? Nice tatics.
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    Funny but i think hes just trying to offer a cheaper fix
  10. Not at all. The OP actually messaged me asking for my opinion and I did end up recommending AAC, I remember it being great for combat (against mobs) and movement generally - though I haven't tested it in months - so long as budget wasn't an issue and he's happy with the author's current activity and determination towards his work regarding bug fixes.
  11. You can try much cheaper alternatives, just because an anticheat is free doesn't mean it's bad.

    WatchCat for example, Machine Learning (Spartan) and gets frequent updates unlike AAC, it's actually pretty good. I'd use it.
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  12. Anti-cheats are great. Their purpose is to just notify your competent and active staff that something is going on. Really look hard into a good staff team and you'll anti cheat won't be such a problem .
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    If you already bought AAC, the config can be worked with. I wouldn’t go so far as to say there is a perfect solution for cheaters available anywhere. Hack developers work around the clock focusing on bypasses for popular plugins (NCP, AAC, Anti-Aura, etc).
  14. I just saw the machine learning, is that really realiable? Dont you need a lot of data to make it accurate?
  15. Havent yet, im baking the server base first and then i'll get the best option
  16. wait so the purpose of an anti cheat is just to notify the staff? I right now have not a really active staff, i was thinking in just hire staff when events were needed to be made.
  17. What flavor?

    The name for that is called a cheat detection. The "Anti" in "Anti-Cheat" means it blocks, not notifies".

    No, he is wrong. Anti-cheats are meant to block cheats.
  18. chocolate all the way. Meant making however we can bake it if you want :rolleyes:
  19. AAC's default config sure do suck. Just get someone to configure it for you.