Anti chunk load where high TPS

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  1. Hello everyone, it turns out that I have a survival server where players are constantly loading chunks, and this led to 200 players lowering the TPS drastically.
    My idea was to see the TPS, and if these are in a "normal" range, let the chunks load, otherwise they will not load them until they normalize (with a condition and canceling the "ChunkLoadEvent" event).
    Is this logical?
  2. Think logically about this! There will be issues if players teleport and there are no chunks below them.

    Just set the 'view-distance' in the '' to a lower value if too many chunks are being loaded, or upgrade your server to a better CPU or SSD if you are currently using a HDD.

    Also, are you sure this is about chunks loading and not chunks generating. If your having issues with too many chunks being generated, get the WorldBorder plugin, limit your world size and pre-generate all the chunks.
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  3. Thank you, I had not thought about that side.
    The hosting is on SSD and the highest I can acquire at this time.
    I will try with the distance of vision.
    Thank you! :D
  4. There are also other possible ways of doing this, depending on the size of your world depends on how long this method will take! But you can always preload the chunks with certain plugins,
  5. Imagine that the world weighs 16GB, an unlimited survival world that was generated throughout the whole of 2017 :p
  6. Reducing a distance of vision will help a lot, on my survival server there were so many chunks that whenever a player teleported that player was freezed for a while, reducing the distance of vision fixed it.
  7. How much do you recommend to place it approximately?
    To start from a base and from there go testing according to my server.
  8. I had it quite low, something like 4 - 5.