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Force players to re-hit their drop key to actually drop specified/all items.

  1. support damaged items & named items?
  2. Assuming this is for some sort of custom item ordeal with the damaged items. Already been thinking to add support for names of items, so that may be in the next update.
    When it comes to the damaged item, I can see what I can do. Hopefully won't be too hard. :)
  3. Uhm, I have no clue why that would be the case as the plugin isn't item dependent or have any difference dependent upon the item type itself.
    I'll look into this though as I have literally 0 clue why that would be the case.

    Please send me a screenshot of the exact message you're receiving when this instance occurs with the items you listed above. I'll definitely fix this now if I can.
  4. The only issue I can see from any of the items would POSSIBLY be the turtle helmet as it's display name is "Turtle Shell" while it's id is actually, "minecraft:TURTLE_HELMET" - but when it comes to the other 3 items I seriously think that shouldn't be the case... are you using the most recent version?
    Not trying to claim you don't know what you're doing or anything, but I have no idea why the other 3 items are doing that...
  5. ...Weird.
    I mean seriously, that's like... really, really weird...
    All I check for with the "Empty-Hand" is if the item the player is holding returns to "null" or the "air" material.
  6. Honestly have no clue whatcha mean, I'd suggest joining my resource Discord so we can talk there or in PM's to easier communicate as hopefully resolve this issue.
    Also thank you for informing me about this and doing the gif. Really appreciate that.
  7. [​IMG]

    Just a reply to you saying that I said absolutely nothing. I apologise if the correct action was to ping you and not just wait for a reply.
  8. "okay now it works"
    ... "..it works"

    I assumed your issue was fixed.

    and if you read my response to you - "...I'll need to know what the issue is before I can fix any issues..."

    you then never responded to that statement, instead you said it works.
  9. I am not Ender_Griefeur99.

  10. I know. You never said a single word while in the Discord.
    Yet you complained about not receiving help.
    Try PM'ing me on Discord. Might help you get a response :)
  11. Is the part outlined in red not considered saying something?
  12. No, there's not currently a setting to toggle the header & footer in the messages. I can add this if you'd like.
    Also have 0 idea what flattening is or means from the link, still.
    If you drop any tool that is on the Anti-Drop list inside of a WorldGuard region that has the flag 'item-drop' set to 'deny', it will duplicate the item.
  14. Well that might be because you have a specific area, that does exactly what my plugin does by default, laid out to do that twice.
    I would suggest just removing that flag in those areas unless you were wanting it do something specific?
    Please let me know.
  15. you should post a warning on the main page of this plugin that this can happen. could be useful to know so that people dont have a dupe method on their servers
  16. Also now that i think about it, this dupe method will happen with Grief Prevention's PVP Mode.

    You could make it so that you can disable Anti-Drop in WorldGuard Regions.
  17. I'll look into this.
  18. Regarding the link or flattening, just ignore that, I guess. Looking back on it, I think I was confused when I was typing that particular part. But when the plugin is set to "ALL_ITEMS", the White bed is detected as "Air", unlike the other beds (which are all "BED" or "BED_BLOCK").
  19. I will definitely look into this when I have some spare time.
    Not sure why it detects that as air though, honestly makes no sense lol.
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  20. Diamond Shovels get ignored even if you place them on the anti-drop list and they can still be dropped
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