Spigot Anti-Drop » 1.7 - 1.17 • Item list GUI • Fully configurable 2.2.4

Force players to re-hit their drop key to actually drop specified/all items.

  1. Now that I HIGHLY doubt as they work just fine on my server and any other version I've tested this resource on.
  2. I have put all diamond items on the list and diamond shovels are the only ones that still get dropped :/
  3. Would you mind joining my resource Discord?
    Would like to know what version of the resource & MC you're running and all dat.
  4. Can you add support for WorldGuard regions that block the dropping of items? because when you try to drop a item with this plugin inside of a worldguard region that already blocks dropping it will dupe the item.
  5. Uhm, no. Don't use WorldGuard detection. Simple as that.
  6. Request to add antidrop.bypass permission so i can set which groups/ranks/players are or aren't affected by the plugin, unless there's already a permission for that? Love the plugin btw
  7. You would use this permission: AntiDrop.commands.Toggle
    as that allows the player to toggle it on and off. You'd want to set it to off by default as well to get what you're looking for.
  8. That's true but there are situations where say if they had a rank that allowed them to use toggle and they toggled it on and then they get demoted to a lower rank where it removes the permission to toggle they will still have toggle active or vice versa. Hence why a lot of other plugins have this permission in place
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  9. Well the plugin wasn't made to do that nor based anywhere close to around that idea.
  10. I know that's why I made a feature request because it's the only thing it's lacking, having more features is never a bad thing and there are a lot of different ways server owners could use this feature to have more control over the server if it were added, but if it's too hard or bothersome/time consuming for u i understand you only want the plugin to be used your way on other peoples servers and that's fine I guess. Was merely a request to allow more control

    I just found another plugin that has this feature anyway so I might just use that instead.
    You did a great job with it so far anyway, take care. :)
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  11. Yeah, that would be a lie. You didn't request/ask for that to be added. You just said you couldn't figure out how to do it and when I said you couldn't you respond like that. Lmao.
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  12. I didn't lie and please don't accuse me of doing so
  13. Please quote yourself where you requested that feature be in the plugin. Do that and I won't claim that. Don't lie and you won't be called out to be one. Simple as that. Sorry if the truth hurts? :shrug:
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  14. He just did omg lol there is no truth to what you're saying not the other way around you just called him a liar without any reason
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  15. @Alter-Ego what's the name of that other plugin that has that feature and regions support was it "otherdrops"? Ps: ignore him he's clearly upset you're using another plugin now and trying to make excuses
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  16. and I provided him with the already existing permission that allows players to toggle the anti-drop affect.
  17. I'll PM u I don't wanna advertise on here
  18. oh for the love of god I don't care he uses another plugin, glad it already exists and he can move onto to bother a different developer. Doesn't bother me, life is a whole lot bigger than trying to keep 1 person to use your free resource on SpigotMC. lmfao.
  19. That wasn't what he asked for and he clearly explained specifically why he wanted it that toggle permission is not full proof
    Well it seemed like it cause u called him a liar being rude after he gave u that nice review and everything plus he said thats ok so he obviously doesn't mind that u didnt add it anyway so no need to get upset cause it's definitely showing im not gonna argue anyway youre not worth it and its not about keeping 1 person happy other ppl have made requests too that u have ignored so its not just one person im sure everyone would like these ideas especially the worldguard one. I dont care anyway ill just use that other plugin. Just let it go mate. @Daddy_Spin I'll PM u the other anti-drop plugin which has that feature u wanted and this one.
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  20. Can u please add which items droped on death and which item not droped on death please.??
    BC i want players can keep some specif items on death.